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When Shen Jiayi saw Shen Siyu, her face turned red.

Her willfulness was suddenly replaced with the infatuation of a young lady.

“Good! Good!” Shen Feng stared at Shen Siyu blankly for a moment and then smiled soon after.

Shen Siyu quickly walked to Shen Yanxiaos side without a single care for anyone else, and before she could react, his outstretched hands pulled her into his embrace.

“Xiaoxiao, Im back.

Rest assured that as long as Im here, no one can bully you.” Shen Siyus voice was very light and very gentle.

However, to Shen Duan and the rest of the family, it was as if they heard the thunder rolled.

Shen Yanxiao blinked, and while a delightful scent entered her nose, she silently thought,Is this considered as getting molested

Memories with Shen Siyu sprung from within her mind.

If Shen Yanxiao was the disgrace of the family, then Shen Siyu was their pride.

The only unfortunate thing was that he was not related to them by blood and therefore could not inherit the position as the family head.

Thepride of the family also treated thefamilys disgrace very well.

It was inherently different than Shen Yifengs hypocrisy because he genuinely cared for Shen Yanxiao.

Since she started remembering things, Shen Siyu protected her from other peoples false accusations every time he appeared in her life, and he remained the reason why Shen Duan and the rest of the disciples did not deal with her.

Shen Siyus kindness toward Shen Yanxiao also led to Shen Jiayis hatred for her.

There was rivalry everywhere she looked!

Perhaps it was due to the memories that the body possessed, but it caused Shen Yanxiao to feel close and familiar to Shen Siyu, and she did not avoid that particular brother of hers.

At that very moment, Xiu suddenly said, “Not bad.”

What was withnot bad Shen Yanxiao did not understand.

Shen Siyus eyes were gentle as he pampered Shen Siyu with caresses on her head.

It served as a comfort to the little girl in his embrace, and a warning to those with bad intentions.

“Siyu, youve done well this time.

What reward do you want” Shen Feng was in a great mood when he obtained the Snow Spirit Fox again.

Shen Siyu first looked that Shen Yanxiao in his embrace and then at the Snow Spirit Fox.

He smiled.

“Then Id like to request for grandfather to forgive Xiaoxiaos blunder.

Other than this, I have nothing else to ask for.”

What was that mentality to protect ones young! Shen Yue and Shen Duan looked at their childrens most powerful rival in shock.

They could not believe Shen Siyu would use his reward on that piece of trash after he had returned with great merit.

“Do as you wish,” Shen Feng said with a smile.

The other bystanders did not dare to say anything else since Shen Feng had already spoken.

Furthermore, a chance to awaken the Vermilion Bird in exchange for the idiots life, it was a worthwhile trade.

However, if Shen Siyu decided to request permission to join as a candidate to sign a contract with the Vermilion Bird, all they could do then was to cry a river.

Even though Shen Yifeng was confident that hed win in a fight with Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei, he always felt that he would lose if he were to face Shen Siyu in a match.

A huge crisis had been averted, and thus, the commotions about a dead Snow Spirit Fox died down with the appearance of another.

Shen Feng ordered everyone to leave after he had given them their orders.

He had also personally arranged for his trusted aids to guard the dungeon so that incidents like the first one would not occur again.

As for Shen Yanxiao, she felt like she was just a spectator from the start to the end of that meeting.

Of course, if Shen Siyu did not suddenly descend like a god with adeath exemption token, she would probably have to implore Lord Xiu to take action and save her pitiful life.

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