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No wonder Mingye had such an attitude towards that group of royal relatives.

Shen Yanxiao touched her chin.

It seemed like she did not have to be polite to those idiots.

Based on Mingyes appearance, this prince could be said to be living like a prince with his eyes set high above his head.

Throughout the entire Howling Abyss, he had never paid any attention to anyone other than his father.

This setting… was very cool!

It was not difficult for Shen Yanxiao to play the role of Mingye.

She did not need to communicate with any other undead.

She just had to be supreme!

She loved the feeling of dictatorship!

After gathering the required information, Shen Yanxiao pulled open the cabinet in the room and took out a set of low-key but luxurious clothes Prince Mingye wore.

She then turned around and locked up the ignorant Ye Dou.

No matter how skilled she was at thieving, it was impossible for her to take off her clothes in a second.

After she changed her clothes, Shen Yanxiao dragged Ye Dou out from the wardrobe and threw her clothes at him.

Ye Dou continued to squat in the wardrobe to change his clothes.

Not long later, Ye Dou walked out from the wardrobe in Shen Yanxiaos clothes.

Among the undeads, Ye Dous physique was that of a teenager.

He was thin and slender, but he was taller than Shen Yanxiao by a head.

Shen Yanxiaos clothes seemed very small when worn by Ye Dou.

The disguise potion Shen Yanxiao drank could change the human skeleton to a certain extent.

From her height to her appearance, she had become identical to Mingye.

Looking at Ye Dous strange appearance, Shen Yanxiao took out a bottle of disguise potion for him to drink.

Ye Dous appearance had now been changed to that of an unprepossessing low-level undead.

His bones had also slightly shrunk and he could barely fit Shen Yanxiaos clothes, but it was still a little tight.

While Ye Dou was under the curse, Shen Yanxiao had removed all the accessories that could prove his identity and wore them on herself.

A leopard cat replacing a prince had ended perfectly!

He looked at Ye Dou who was wearing a short gray robe and then at Shen Yanxiao who was wearing a luxurious robe decorated with countless ornaments.

No one wouldmistake their identity.

A moment later, someone knocked on the door.

Ye Dou glanced at Shen Yanxiao who was seated before the table and lowered his head to open the door.

Outside the door, the high-level undead who was carrying a sumptuous meal had a flattering smile on his face.

However, when the door was opened and revealed that it was not Prince Mingye that he wanted to please, but a low-level undead dressed in simple clothing, his expression immediately sank.

“Who are you! How dare you trespass into His Highness Mingyes room!” The high-level undead screamed at the top of his voice.

The moment the few high-level undeads behind him saw Ye Dou, their expressions were so fierce that they could eat people!

“I… I am Ye Dou, a follower selected by His Highness.” Even though Ye Dou had identified himself as a low-level undead under Shen Yanxiaos curses, he had never been yelled at by anyone since he was born.

That shout had directly frightened Ye Dous fragile heart.

“What attendant Where did you come from How can a lowly undead like you be fit to stay in His Highnesss room Hurry and get lost!” The high-level undead was unhappy.

What a joke.

They could not even curry favor with Mingye, so how could they allow a low-level undead to steal their limelight Moreover, he actually dared to stay in His Highnesss room alone Did this little bitch want to die

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