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Shen Yanxiao stayed on the ship for three days.

Every day, she would watch this group of royal relatives bully and scold the real Mingye.

While doing so, she also collected many valuables from them.

Which member of the royal family was not filthy rich Shen Yanxiao only needed to point and they would hand over their valuables unconditionally at the first instant.

On the third day, Sal hurried over with his team.

The moment Shen Yanxiao received the news…

“I want to take a bath and change my clothes.” He was very arrogant.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Your Highness, please!” The group of royal relatives enthusiastically supported Shen Yanxiaos actions.

His Highness bathing was the most important!

The group of royal relatives was quickly pushed out.

Shen Yanxiao took a bath comfortably.

On the coast, Sal stood upright with hundreds of undead soldiers, staring straight ahead at the large ship in front of him.

A figure slowly came down.

Sal and his men immediately straightened their backs, ready to welcome His Highness Mingye.

The one who got off the ship was a middle-aged high-level undead.

“His Highness has just woken up and is bathing and changing his clothes.” The middle-aged undead looked at Sal arrogantly.

Sal was expressionless as he looked at the sunny sky.

It was noon, and their prince was up so… early.

Ten minutes later, His Highness was bathing.

Twenty minutes later, His Highness was still bathing.

Half an hour later, His Highness was still bathing.

When an hour finally passed by, the honorable prince finally stopped bathing.

She then sent an undead to convey to envoys that she was…

As the noble undead prince, how could he meet people hungry

This was too damaging to the princes delicate body!

Thus, Sal led his men and stood under the sun for hour after hour.

Their prince went from bathing and changing clothes to eating and drinking and tidying up his makeup.

He did not appear for three hours!

The undead were creatures of the dark.

Although the sunlight was far less lethal to them than the divine light of the gods, it would still burn their skin.

Three hours later, under the scorching sun, many low-level undeads had already fainted, but they did not dare to move because Mingye had yet to appear.

They could only stand honestly under the scorching sun and stand upright at all times to welcome Prince Mingye who might appear at any time.

Over there, the group of royal relatives had already set up a small tent.

One by one, they asked their attendants to move a stool and sit under the tent leisurely, avoiding the scorching sun.

They sat on the chair with their legs crossed, holding wine chilled with ice in their hands.

The difference in treatment between both camps was huge!

Sal still had no expression on his face, but there was a trace of anger in his eyes.

He was an elite personally selected by the Undead Lord to be sent to the Hidden Dragon Continent.

In the Howling Abyss, he was highly regarded by the Undead Lord.

Otherwise, he would not have been entrusted with such a heavy responsibility.

For more than a thousand years, he had left his hometown and gone to the Hidden Dragon Continent to fight for the growth of the Undead race.

But now, what did that Prince Mingye bring him

There was not the slightest hint of praise or consolation.

The moment he arrived at the Hidden Dragon Continent, he just messed with him.

He wanted him and his subordinates to suffer under the scorching sun while those parasites enjoyed themselves in front of them!

Sal had never been a fool.

Naturally, he had to have a sharp mind to become the commander of the undead army.

How could he not see that Prince Mingyes various arrangements were to intimidate him

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