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Sal wanted to slap himself to death.

He knew that this idiot would not be able to complete his task!

There were some things that they should know themselves.

Why did they have to say it out loud

She even said it in front of Long Yan.

Wasnt this forcing Long Yan to think too much

Long Yans expression soon darkened.

The atmosphere of the banquet became a little tense.

Mingye, who was sitting in the main seat, did not feel that there was anything wrong with his words, because everything was a script that someone had arranged beforehand.

No one would expect that Ye Dou, who was neglected by everyone, was currently hiding in a dark corner with a nasty smile on his thin lips.

Just before going to the banquet, Shen Yanxiao swapped places with Mingye with a curse.

Right now, the one sitting at the banquet was the real His Highness Mingye, and she herself had replaced the identity of Ye Dou, hiding in the dark to control everything!

Mingyes position was eight hundred miles away from Long Yans.

Even if Shen Yanxiao was a thief goddess, she could not steal from such a distance while under the eyes of the public.

Therefore, Shen Yanxiao asked Mingye to attend this banquet in her place, and before coming, she had already given Mingye a hint.

What to say and what to do was all in her plan.

As a crafty fox, she had to make use of everything she could.

Mingye, who was sitting on the throne, did not realize how his words had stimulated Long Yan.

He continued to talk incessantly.

Gradually, Long Yans face turned from green to white, from white to purple, and finally completely black.

The development of the situation was like a wild horse out of control.

Even if Sal had three heads and six arms, he could not change the situation.

Finally, under Mingyes obvious hints, Long Yan could no longer bear it.

He suddenly stood up and with a face as dark as the bottom of a pot, his face twitched and he said, “Thank you, Your Highness, for your hospitality tonight.

I am a little uncomfortable, so I will leave first.”

With that said, before Sal could ask him to stay, Long Yan had already left the banquet angrily with his dragons.

Was this how you treat someone to a meal

Sal even said that His Highness Mingye wanted to apologize for misunderstanding him, so he held a banquet to treat him to a meal.

But what was this meal about

This meal made Long Yan deeply realize how great a threat he had posed to himself with the promise he made before.

Moreover, Prince Mingyes high and mighty tone had provoked Long Yans reverse scale.

If they were not in the city of the undead, Long Yan would have probably flipped the table on the spot.

Witnessing the farce of the entire banquet, Shen Yanxiaos smile deepened.

Seeing Long Yan angrily leaving, it could be said that she had achieved half of her goal.

Seeing Long Yan leave, Shen Yanxiao followed without hesitation.

In the city of the undead at night, many undeads were still wandering around.

As soon as Long Yan left the banquet, the killing intent on his body could no longer be concealed.

Wherever he passed, undeads would retreat in all directions.

No one dared to stay by his side any longer.

“My king, those undeads are too detestable!” A four-winged red dragon that came with Long Yan had eyes filled with anger.

The actions of the undeads tonight had thoroughly annoyed these proud dragons.

The ubiquitous provocations and arrogance were unbearable for them.

“The undeads have never been good people.

If not for the fact that they are still useful, I…” A trace of ruthlessness flashed past Long Yans eyes.

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