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“My king, please calm down.

These undeads are still useful.

We will not fall out with them for the time being.

It will not be too late for us to deal with them after we get rid of those guys in the North.” The other six-winged silver dragon was relatively calm.

Long Yan narrowed his eyes.

“Hows the situation with the Dragon Kings Decree” All the forbearance he had was for the last moment.

As long as he got the Dragon Kings Decree, so what if the undeads had more bone dragons

The moment the Dragon Kings Decree was released, every single dragon would sincerely service him!

If they could inherit the power in the Dragon Kings Decree, he could make all the dragons kneel before him.

This was a symbol of the absolute power of the dragons.

It was precisely because of the difference in level that the dragons were sincerely obedient to the golden dragons.

The power stored in the Dragon Kings Decree came from the Dragon God.

As long as he could get it, he would break through the realm of an eight-winged golden dragon and step into the ranks of demigods.

At that time, regardless of whether the other dragons hated him or not, they would sincerely submit to him at that moment!

No matter how powerful a bone dragon was, it was still a dragon.

After becoming a demigod, he could use his dragon might to intimidate those soulless bone dragons.

The reason why he handed over the Dragon Cemetery at this time was to let the undeads relax their vigilance and help him resurrect those high-level dragons!

After he obtained the power of the Dragon Kings Decree, those resurrected dragons would also submit to him!

“We have found the approximate location.

We are currently digging it.

The Dragon God sealed the Dragon Kings Decree in his Dragon Palace Hall and hid it deep underground.

We have to dig out the entrance first before we can get the Dragon Kings Decree,” the silver dragon said.

“How much longer I cant wait any longer,” Long Yan impatiently said.

“We can definitely get it within a month.” The silver dragon promised.

For the sake of the Dragon Kings Decree, Long Yan had sent out a large number of dragons.

It could be said that two-thirds of Long Yans forces were working hard to excavate the palace of the Dragon God, while the remaining one-third was allocated to search for the whereabouts of the little golden dragon.

“A month” Long Yan narrowed his eyes.

Although he had left the banquet early tonight, according to the deadline he had discussed with Sal, there were still about ten days before he would bring the undeads to the Dragon Cemetery.

As long as the undeads resurrected the high-level dragons in the Dragon Cemetery in ten days, they could attack the dragons in the North at any time.

War was imminent.

There were many dragons in the North, and it was not easy for the undeads to completely conquer them.

“Have them speed up.

I want to shorten the time as much as possible.” Long Yan took a deep breath.

The sooner he obtained the Dragon Kings Decree, the sooner he could grasp unparalleled power.

The reason why he was so anxious for the undeads to attack the North was not because of the little golden dragon.

He just wanted to divert the attention of the undeads so that they would not discover that he had found the exact location of the Dragon Kings Decree and was just using them to resurrect the corpses of those high-level dragons…

All the plans had already been formed in Long Yans heart.

However, Long Yan and his subordinates did not notice that under the cover of the night, everything they said had fallen into the ears of the little fellow hiding in the dark.

“Long Yan has already found the exact location of the Dragon Kings Decree.

This is not good.” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes in the darkness and thoughtfully touched her chin.

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