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From beginning to end, Mingye had brought unprecedented panic to the undeads in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Sal mobilized all the undeads under his command to look for Mingye everywhere.

The group of royal relatives also cried their hearts out and secretly wondered if it was because of Long Yans pettiness that he secretly kidnapped Mingye.

Therefore, the group of royal relatives ran to find Long Yan, and with that, he was dragged into this muddy water.

The whole city of the undead was in chaos.

As the culprit, Shen Yanxiao had already left the city.

She locked onto the aura of that silver dragon and pursued it all the way.

Fortunately, she had enough acceleration potions in her interspatial ring.

Otherwise, it would be almost impossible to keep up with the speed of the silver dragon.

Five days later, Shen Yanxiao followed the silver dragon to a hidden canyon.

The silver dragon immediately transformed into his human form after landing.

In the valley, thousands of dragons were busy.

All the high-level dragons appeared in their human forms.

They were all gathered on one side of the valley, looking as though they were trying to discover something.

The earth dragons and the sky dragon were used as porters to transport boulders and soil out of the valley.

Shen Yanxiao carefully concealed her identity.

In the map of the Hidden Dragon Continent that she had seen before, there was no such canyon.

From the color of the soil in the canyon, it could be seen that the canyon had not existed for a long time.

The soil on the ground was still wet and fresh.

It should have been excavated not long ago.

“So Long Yan had already found the exact location of the Dragon Kings Decree.

Long Shi and the rest have miscalculated.” Shen Yanxiao curled her lips.

No dragon in the North would have expected that Long Yan had found the exact location not long after he obtained the map of the Dragon Kings Decree.

For more than a thousand years, Long Yan had been digging here in secret.

Nearly ten thousand dragons had finally torn a hole in this continent after more than a thousand years of excavation.

If Shen Yanxiao had not wanted to find the Dragon Kings Decree on a whim to remove the devil energy in the little golden dragons body, it would not have taken long for Long Yan to get his wish.

The busy dragons did not notice Shen Yanxiaos existence.

They were still buried in their work.

The silver dragon and the high-level dragon responsible for excavation talked about Long Yans urgency.

“We are already excavating at our fastest speed.

Right now, the entrance to the Dragon Palace Hall has been excavated, but we failed to open it after trying countless methods.” The high-level dragon in charge had a depressed expression.

They had already found the location of the treasure, but it was blocked by the stone door of the Dragon Palace Hall.

“You cant open it Take me there.” The silver dragon frowned.

The two dragons went to the entrance of the Dragon Palace Hall, and Shen Yanxiao immediately followed.

In the depths of the canyon, the iceberg that was the Dragon Palace Hall had been excavated.

Dirty soil was spread all over the stone door of the Dragon Palace Hall.

The stone door was not large, but it gave off an immovable aura.

The silver dragon stepped forward and attempted to forcefully open the stone door, but no matter how hard he tried, the door remained tightly shut.

“Have you used explosives” The silver dragon frowned and asked.

“Weve tried, but theres still no reaction.

Not to mention blowing it up again, we havent been able to leave a trace on the stone door even after blowing it up hundreds of times.”

Could anyone enter the residence of the Dragon God

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