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The life of the Dragon God could be said to be a legend.

From an ordinary eight-winged golden dragon to the strongest, everything he experienced was more thrilling than any story.

In the chaotic Hidden Dragon Continent, powerful eight-winged golden dragons were scattered everywhere.

They occupied their own territory and there was constant friction between them.

The Dragon God was borned into and grew up in the midst of this dispute, witnessing the constant struggle between his companions for territory.

When the Dragon God became a real adult eight-winged golden dragon, his strength began to show its sharpness.

The divided Hidden Dragon Continent was once again united under his iron fist.

All the eight-winged golden dragons were defeated by him one by one.

They acknowledged him as their king, and he became the one and only Dragon King in the entire Hidden Dragon Continent.

The Dragon God managed the entire Hidden Dragon Continent.

He was kind and just.

Under his control, all the dragons lived in peace without any friction or strife.

Until one day, a light fell from the sky and selected the Dragon God.

The voice of the Lord God pulled him from an ordinary dragon into the world of the gods.

If other races wanted to become gods, they had to undergo a baptism and be completely reborn.

They had to shed their original shell and survive as a god.

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After this baptism, the Dragon Gods soul entered his future body, and his dragon body was sealed in his lair, accompanied by the Dragon Kings Decree, forever sealed deep underground.

“The body of the Dragon God… is here” Shen Yanxiao looked at the last mural and could not help but be stunned.

The huge palace had three entrances to different places.

Right now, they were at the entrance of the Dragon Gods lair.

“Yes, to become a god, you have to wash away all the dust.

The body of an ordinary race cannot bear the power of the God race.” Xiu patiently answered Shen Yanxiao.

The strength of the God race did not only come from strength, but also from the soul.

When the Dragon God ascended the Gods Temple, his soul received the penetrating holy light.

The soul of a god had been integrated into the soul of the Dragon God during the baptism, and that soul was no longer something an ordinary body could bear.

“Err… Xiu, you are a god, right” Shen Yanxiao looked at Xiu.

“I did not pass the test, but I was also selected.” Xiu said.

“Selected” Shen Yanxiao was confused again.

“The War God of the God race was selected from among the strongest gods.

The name Asura belongs to the War God.

I am not the first War God.

The one before me is also called Asura.” Xiu explained.

He did not assume the position of War God the moment he was born.

It was just that his strength surpassed the previous War God, so he replaced him.

The War God was a powerful existence second only to the Lord God.

Only the strongest god was qualified to stand in this position.

“Ah Then… what exactly is your name” Shen Yanxiao was dumbfounded.

Asura was not Xius real name It was just the code name of the War God Did Xiu not have a name

Xiu lowered his head and slowly said, “Before I became the War God, my name was Di Xiu.”

“Di Xiu.” Shen Yanxiao repeated the name, and her calm heart seemed to be stirred at this moment.

No wonder he only asked her to call him Xiu, not Asura.

It turned out that the word Xiu was his real name.

Asura was just a moniker for the War God.

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