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“Taotie!! Come out!” Shen Yanxiao was embarrassed.

Where did this little foodie go again Your master is about to be strangled by the furious Dragon God.

Is it really okay for you to continue playing hide and seek with me

There was no response in the darkness.

A trace of anger could already be seen on the Dragon Gods expression.

It could be imagined that as the most powerful god of the Dragon race, the Dragon God wanted to give his people great power, but the eight-winged golden dragon in front of him repeatedly refused to accept this power.

In order to escape from him, he had been repeatedly claiming that he was actually a human…

Not to mention the Dragon God, who had a fiery nature, even other superior gods would be furious at the other partys perfunctoriness and deception.

Furthermore, her level of deception was simply too low.

“Are you so unwilling to accept my gift” The Dragon God frowned, and a trace of anger appeared in his golden eyes.

It was not a good feeling to be despised by your own followers.

“I just dont want you to waste your power.” Shen Yanxiao wanted to cry very much.

She felt that she was about to be strangled by the Dragon God.

“Then why did you wake me up Are you joking with me” The Dragon Gods expression had become somewhat grim.

Shen Yanxiao felt wronged.

If she knew that touching the Dragon Kings Decree would wake this fellow up, she would definitely bring the little golden dragon over and let him take it himself.

“I am not joking with you.” Shen Yanxiao felt that her explanation was useless.

Vermilion Bird was not by her side, and she did not know where Taotie had gone.

She could not sense Xius existence, and her body and soul had transformed into an eight-winged golden dragon.

She could not find any evidence to prove her identity.

After being a thief for so many years, it was rare for her to be open and aboveboard, but she actually caused such trouble for herself.

Shen Yanxiao really knelt down.

“If its not a joke, why do you refuse me Why do you keep saying that you are a human being” The Dragon God suddenly stepped forward and approached Shen Yanxiao.

Dear! Dont come over! I really cant beat you!

Shen Yanxiao looked sadly at the approaching Dragon God.

If she were really strangled to death by the Dragon God, she would definitely feel aggrieved.

She had fooled countless people in his life, but in the end, she was going to be beaten to death by the furious Dragon God because she told the truth.

This ending was simply a tragedy.

The Dragon God was already very close to her, floating above the heart lake, looking as though he was about to attack Shen Yanxiao.

Seeing this, Shen Yanxiao was shocked and subconsciously opened her mouth.

In an instant, cracking sounds sounded all around.

Cracks began to appear in the pitch-black heart lake and a faint light seeped out from those cracks.

The pitch-black heart lake seemed to have been forcefully torn apart.

The darkness was destroyed into fragments that fell to the ground.

The next second, Shen Yanxiao was embraced in a familiar embrace.

In that instant, her huge dragon body quickly transformed into a human girl and steadily landed on that ice-cold chest which made her feel extremely at ease.

“Im here.” A deep voice with a trace of coldness bloomed in Shen Yanxiaos ears.

All the uneasiness and panic disappeared the moment that voice appeared.

Shen Yanxiao looked up at Xius handsome jaw and breathed a sigh of relief.

The stormy waves in her heart calmed down at this moment.

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