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The Dragon God himself rose to power because he could not bear the internal strife, which prompted him to personally suppress all the infighting.

However, these fights were only between dragons, they never involved any other races.

The current situation in the Hidden Dragon Continent was no longer as simple as an internal strife.

“Who is it How dare he!” The Dragon Gods eyes became extremely sharp at this moment.

As the god of the Dragon race, how could he tolerate such a thing

“An eight-winged golden dragon named Long Yan.” Shen Yanxiao looked at the Dragon God, who now had a completely different aura, and secretly marveled.

Sure enough, no matter how unreliable a superior god was, once they faced a racial problem, their momentum would immediately change.

“Im going to kill him!” The Dragon God suddenly stood up, and golden flames was blazing on his body.

Defiling the purity of the Dragon race, Long Yan must die.

“Well, let me remind you that you are only a soul right now.” Shen Yanxiao looked at the murderous Dragon God and kindly reminded him.

She was very curious about how strong the Dragon God was right now.

The Dragon God said, “Even if Im only a soul, its easy for me to kill an eight-winged golden dragon.”

A god was a god.

Nothing could compare to them.

“I wont stop you if you want to kill him, but whats really important now is the Undead race.

There are hundreds of thousands of undeads in the Hidden Dragon Continent, and there are a lot of high-level undeads among them.

They had used the skeletons of the dragons to resurrect many bone dragons.

Their strength cannot be underestimated,” Shen Yanxiao said.

Long Yan was nothing to be afraid of, but what was really terrifying were the undeads.

Shen Yanxiao had yet to find out how many bone dragons had been resurrected by the undeads.

“Resurrect the skeletons of the dragons” The Dragon Gods eyes became increasingly cold.

Shen Yanxiao nodded and said, “In order to rope in the Undead race, Long Yan handed over all the skeletons of the dragons.

Just before we went to the Dragon Palace Hall, Long Yan had promised to hand over the entire Dragon Cemetery to them.”

“What! How dare he!” The killing intent all over the Dragon Gods body reached the peak in an instant.

“He wants the dragons resting in the Dragon Cemetery to be tainted by undeads!”

Looking at the Dragon God who was gradually going berserk, Shen Yanxiao decided to ease his anger.

Now was not a good time to attack Long Yan and the undeads.

“Dont be anxious.

Ive already kidnapped their undead prince who is responsible for resurrecting the dragons in the Dragon Cemetery.

They wont be able to do it for a while.

If you want to take revenge, come back with us first and well think of a way.” At the very least, they had to change Doudous blood first!

“No! I cant stand it for a moment longer! So what if there are more undeads I dont believe that all the dragons in the Hidden Dragon Continent have surrendered.

I will gather those who still have the faith of the dragons and punish the undeads and Long Yan!” The Dragon God had completely exploded.

He wished he could rush out and kill the traitor and the dirty undeads at once.

“Well… I want to say that the dragons in the Hidden Dragon Continent who have yet to surrender to Long Yan have all holed up in the northern region.

They dont seem to have any intention of going to war with Long Yan.” Shen Yanxiao really couldnt bear to tell the Dragon God that the strong dragons in his mind had been frightened by the flames of war for more than a thousand years.

“What” Obviously, the Dragon God really did not expect things to turn out like this.

“Long Yan and the undeads carried out a large-scale massacre of the rebellious dragons.

Those dragons are now scared out of their wits, not daring to leave the canyon.” Although the truth was cruel, it was reality.

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