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In conclusion, Vermilion Bird had misunderstood.

However, Shen Yanxiaos words did not calm Vermilion Bird, instead his gaze became even sharper.

“Which ignorant fellow dares to despise you Its his blessing to sign a contract with you.

How dare he reject you Im going to kill him!” Vermilion Birds anger became increasingly obvious.

Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

If she contracted with a magical beast, Vermilion Bird would go berserk.

But if the magical beast was unwilling to be contracted by her, Vermilion Bird would also go berserk!

Even though Vermilion Bird was unwilling to increase the number of “rivals”, in his mind, Shen Yanxiao was the most outstanding human in the world.

Only she could reject others.

It was impossible for anyone to refuse to sign a contract with her.

Therefore, the other partys rejection of Shen Yanxiao had also provoked Vermilion Birds anger.

From this, it can be seen that protecting ones own was a trait that had been inherited by Vermillion Bird.

Shen Yanxiao did not know whether to laugh or cry at Vermilion Birds words.

On the sidelines, Shen Yu and the rest chuckled as they looked at the strange interaction between a master and her magical beast.

“Vermilion Bird, calm down.

Its not that he despises me, but his situation is very special.

Like Xiu, he is also a soul of a superior god.” Shen Yanxiao felt very helpless.

She was not strong enough to sign a contract with a superior god.

Even if he was a fool, he was still a god.

As soon as Shen Yanxiao said that, Vermilion Bird immediately shut his mouth.

Everyone in the lair looked at Shen Yanxiao with horror.

The soul of a superior god

Did they hear something incredible

“Little Xiaoer… did you say the soul of a superior god” Even Shen Yu, who had a strong heart, was shocked by his daughters words.

Because Shen Yanxiaos words revealed that she already knew the soul of a superior god

“Its the soul of a superior god.

Whats wrong Didnt Mother tell you” Shen Yanxiao looked at her father in doubt.

Wen Ya already knew about Xius existence.

She thought that Wen Ya had already told Shen Yu about Xiu.

The smile on Shen Yus lips froze.

He silently looked at his wife.

Wen Ya blinked and said apologetically, “I seem to have forgotten to mention this matter.”

Wen Ya could not be blamed for forgetting the existence of her future son-in-law.

After being separated from Shen Yu for so many years, she was bent on aiding Shen Yu.

As a result, when she arrived at the Hidden Dragon Continent, so many things happened to the dragons that she completely forgot about it.

“What did you forget” Shen Yus expression stiffened.

“The soul of a superior god lives in Little Xiaoers body,” Wen Ya said honestly.

“…” Shen Yus expression became extremely complicated.

“Actually, youve heard of that persons name.

Didnt you tell me that you admire him” Wen Ya looked at her husbands twisted expression and was deeply afraid that he would not be able to accept this explosive news in a short period of time.

“Ive heard of him And I admire him” Shen Yu looked into the distance.

He had heard of countless superior gods, from the most powerful War God to the Light God, the Dragon God, the Life Goddess… There were many, but the one he admired the most…

Shen Yu swallowed his saliva and looked at Shen Yanxiao with uncertainty.

He asked in a low voice, “Is it the War God”

Shen Yu immediately gasped!

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