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This world was a fantasy!

Shen Yus heart suffered an unprecedented shock.

Shen Yu had a gentle and casual personality, but he still had the same idol as Qi Xia and the rest.

That was, the War God whose strength was second only to the Lord God, the most powerful superior god who could drag strangers into the abyss of death.

It could be said that he was the eternal idol of countless humans.

Shen Yu never dreamed that he would have the chance to see the War God, let alone having the War Gods soul in his daughters body.

Shen Yus powerful brain had the possibility of crashing.

Shen Yanxiao looked at her fathers deeply stimulated appearance and secretly stuck out her tongue at Wen Ya.

Wen Ya patted Shen Yu on the shoulder and said in a gentle voice, “Actually, this is a good thing.

The War God is still alive.

Isnt it good since you have always admired him”

Good! Of course it was good!

It was just that he had yet to fully digest the fact.

“The War God is a superior god worthy of the respect of all races.

He has won nearly ten thousand years of peace for this world.

If there is a chance, Little Xiaoer, please give him my highest thanks,” Shen Yu solemnly said.

Wen Yas expression became very strange.

Shen Yanxiao awkwardly lowered her head and touched the tip of her nose, not knowing how to respond.

There was no problem with thanking him, but…

Father, do you know the relationship between that War God and your daughter

Why did it sound so awkward for a future father-in-law to express his highest gratitude to his future son-in-law

Shen Yu was confused by his wife and daughters strange reaction.

He looked at Wen Ya in confusion, and there was a trace of embarrassment on her gentle and beautiful face.

“Well… In fact, I havent finished yet.

The War God is indeed with Xiaoer, but…”

“But whats wrong” Shen Yu looked curiously at his wife who wanted to say something but was hesitating.

Wen Ya took a deep breath and said, “But he and Xiaoer are in love.

You… As his future father-in-law, you dont have to be so serious…”

Shen Yu was thoroughly shocked this time.

He opened his mouth slightly and stared at Shen Yanxiao, who stood on one side, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

He seriously suspected that he was hallucinating.

The War God and Little Xiaoer… were in a relationship

Shen Yus brain completely shut down.

The words “in love” lingered in his mind.

Shen Yu had always known that his daughter was outstanding.

He was also well aware that his daughter would definitely find a man worthy of her in the future, but…

He was the idol of all mankind, no! It could even be said that he was the ultimate idol of all races.

How could he be in love with his daughter…

It was not that Shen Yu felt that Shen Yanxiao was not outstanding enough, but this news was just too shocking.

The shocked Shen Yu was stunned for a long time before he came back to his senses.

He looked at his beautiful daughter and seemed to realize something.

“Little Xiaoer, when did you and… the War God…” Shen Yu could not complete his sentence.

Shen Yanxiao said, “A long time ago…” After she said that, her face turned red.

She did not know when she fell in love with Xiu, but love sometimes came very suddenly.

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