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The Light God had always been guarding her.

The War God had become her companion in her soul, and now the Dragon God had jumped out.

Shen Yu looked into the distance and wondered how fated his daughter was with the God race!

Xiu did not want to be resurrected in the last temple, but Shen Siyu could use the last temple to restore his godhood.

So the most urgent thing now was to resurrect the Dragon God quickly.

“Dragon God, how many eight-winged golden dragons do you need” Not only could the resurrection of the Dragon God open the passage to the God Realm, but it could also save the Hidden Dragon Continent.

“Twelve,” the Dragon God answered.

Long Shi thought for a moment and said, “There are enough eight-winged golden dragons here, but I still need my god to come forward.”

“Me, personally” The Dragon God frowned slightly.

Why did he have to personally appear for the resurrection ritual Shouldnt the eight-winged golden dragons work together to complete the resurrection array before he would reappear He was currently in a soul state so it would be a loss of points if he were to jump out.

No matter how silly the Dragon God was in private, he still had to maintain a noble image in front of the dragons.

Long Shi wanted to say something but hesitated.

His face was filled with struggle.

How could he tell their god that the current Dragon race was no longer the same as before

Shen Yanxiao saw Long Shis embarrassment and stepped forward.

“Do you remember what I told you in the Dragon Palace Hall The dragons in the North are in a state of disunity.

If you dont appear in person, they will not believe Long Shis words.

As for us humans, they will definitely not believe us.”

The Dragon God frowned, and there was a faint trace of anger in his eyes.

“That group of bastards.

They have really embarrassed our Dragon race.

They were beaten by a group of undeads and a traitor and did not dare to show their faces.

They even have the cheek to say that they are dragons.

When I am resurrected, I will definitely give these boneless idiots a good beating!” Shameful! It was really a great humiliation! As a race second only to the God race and the Devil race, they had actually fallen into such a state today.

It was honestly embarrassing to the extreme.

“Please ask my god to come forward and uphold justice!” Long Shi suddenly knelt down in front of the Dragon God.

The Dragon God took a deep breath.

“Go and get me that group of good-for-nothings.

I dont care what name you use, but Id like to see if this group of good-for-nothings still dares to be so useless in front of me.” The Dragon Gods lungs were about to explode from anger.

Thinking about how he, the Dragon God, had only lost to the War God in the God Realm, defeating other superior gods one by one, but the dragons of the Hidden Dragon Continent only amount to this much.

They were so timid when they encountered the Undead race.

The Dragon God really wanted to strangle these idiots alive.

“Long Shi accepts the order!” After Long Shi received the order of the Dragon God, he immediately left the nest and tried to fool those dragons into coming over.

The little golden dragon sat on the shoulder of the Dragon God with a confused expression.

“Dont be as useless as that bunch of waste.

Otherwise, Ill beat you to death in the future,” the Dragon God said to the little golden dragon on his shoulder.

The little golden dragon blinked and nodded obediently.

With the latest news they had heard from the undeads, Long Shi invited all the eight-winged golden dragons in the North to his lair.

Dozens of eight-winged golden dragons sat on the chairs with arrogance and impatience.

“Long Shi, you said you caught a high-level undead Wheres that undead” An eight-winged golden dragon looked around but did not find the undead Long Shi mentioned.

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