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“Calm your anger Why dont you tell me how to calm your anger You are dragons, but you were beaten by a group of undeads and forced to retreat to such a small place Where did your self-esteem as dragons go You still have the cheek to start internal strife here If you have the ability, you should chase those undeads out of the Hidden Dragon Continent first!” The Dragon God glared at them, almost spitting fire.

He had heard a lot about the current situation of the Dragon race from Shen Yanxiao, but hearing it and seeing it with his own eyes were two different things.

Today, he could observe the reaction of this group of eight-winged golden dragons.

As a result, instead of thinking about how to drive away the undead, this group of good-for-nothings wanted to blast away the humans in Long Shis lair!

“Are you idiots trying to anger me to death” The Dragon God roared.

Did these idiots know how stupid they were Not to mention putting the cart before the horse, did they even know the identity of the humans here

Those were the in-laws of the War God! If you really drove away the future father-in-law, mother-in-law, and future wife of the War God, would that crazy guy still give me a good life

Ao! Ao! Ao! Im going to beat you guys to death.

Its one thing to seek death, but youre also seeking death from me!

The powerful dragon might emanating from the Dragon God made a group of eight-winged golden dragons lie on the ground and almost faint from foaming at the mouth.

The eight-winged golden dragons were really scared out of their wits.

They never thought that the Dragon God, who had fallen for nearly ten thousand years, would suddenly descend.

In the face of the Dragon Gods anger, the golden dragons were very timid.

They knew that their fear of the undead had lost the face of the dragons.

They did not realize at all that the Dragon God was even more furious about their constant thoughts of driving Shen Yu away.

With the return of the Dragon God, the golden dragons, who had lost their backbone, finally began to pull themselves together.

The roar of the Dragon God whipped the dignity of the dragons in their hearts.

“If you still have a little self-esteem as a dragon, then straighten your backs and expel the undead who want to occupy our territory.” The Dragon God shouted.

“We will expel the undead!” The eight-winged golden dragons roared in unison.

Their previous fear was just like Shen Yanxiaos analysis, because there was no strong man to guide them forward.

But now it was different.

Their most powerful Dragon God had returned.

No matter what was in front of them, they had the courage to confront it!

“Very good.” The Dragon God nodded with satisfaction.

These guys were not hopeless yet.

Finding the direction to pursue, a group of eight-winged golden dragons swept away their previous confusion and happily and respectfully followed the Dragon God.

The Dragon God had already told the group of eight-winged golden dragons the method of his resurrection.

The eight-winged golden dragons learned that the Dragon God was still in a soul state and needed to undergo a resurrection ritual before he could really be resurrected.

Suddenly, as if they had been injected with chicken blood, they took their men to quickly carry out the various progress of the resurrection ritual.

Of course, all the eight-winged golden dragons kept their mouths shut about the resurrection of the Dragon God.

They did not want to expose the return of the Dragon God too early.

After more than a thousand years of silence, the dragons finally ushered in the light of dawn.

A group of dragons who had been beaten by the Dragon God threw themselves into their work with happy smiles.

The resurrection ritual of the Dragon God was not complicated.

It only required twelve eight-winged golden dragons as the eye of the array.

Three days later, the ritual was ready and the Dragon God was about to be resurrected.

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