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After the mission failed, Taotie was thrown aside to continue eating.

The dragons were ready, waiting for the Dragon God to speak at any time.

Shen Yanxiao handed over the mortal body of the Dragon God to the dragons.

After seeing with their own eyes that this group of humans had a close relationship with their Dragon God, the eight-winged golden dragons finally learned from Long Shi that it was that human girl who awakened their Dragon Gods soul.

Their original prejudices turned to dust, and the dragons who had been trained by the Dragon God finally returned to normal.

They accepted this group of humans and were even grateful to Shen Yanxiao from the bottom of their hearts.

On the day of the ceremony, Shen Yu, Wen Ya, Shen Yanxiao, and the others appeared in the center of the valley.

Shen Yanxiao held the Dragon Kings Decree that carried the soul of the Dragon God in her hand.

When the dragons in the north saw the Dragon Kings Decree, they were filled with respect for this human girl.

The Dragon Kings Decree that they had been searching for for ten thousand years was finally found by a human being and awakened the soul of the Dragon God.

This fact made them feel ashamed.

Little did she know that with the Dragon Kings Decree in her hands, Shen Yanxiao had to thank Long Yan for his efforts.

If it were not for Long Yan, she would not have been able to get the Dragon Kings Decree back so easily.

The little golden dragon was held in Yang Xis arms.

He looked at the huge array built in the empty area of the valley and looked at the huge golden dragon that had been sleeping in the center of the array for tens of thousands of years in confusion.

“When the Dragon God is resurrected, we can change Doudous blood.” Shen Yanxiao turned to the little golden dragon with a smile in her eyes.

The little golden dragon blinked and nodded in confusion.

Shen Yanxiao stepped forward under the gaze of the dragons and raised the Dragon Kings Decree in her hand.

A translucent soul floated out from the Dragon Kings Decree and floated above the array.

At this moment, all the dragons in the northern valley knelt down uniformly, welcoming the soul of the Dragon God in their pious posture.

Twelve eight-winged golden dragons were already in place.

They stood at the twelve eye of the array.

They bit their fingertips and pointed their blood on the ground.

Streaks of red light spread from the blood spots, extending into long lines of blood, from twelve places to the mortal body of the Dragon God.

The body that had been sleeping for tens of thousands of years emitted a faint halo at this moment.

Golden light shot out from the dragon body and rushed straight to the soul of the Dragon God in the air.

The golden light shone, and the soul of the Dragon God slowly descended and finally integrated into the body of the golden dragon.

A dragons roar exploded in the light and a huge figure tore through the golden light.

Accompanied by a heaven-shaking dragons roar, it suddenly appeared in everyones line of sight.

The Dragon God had been resurrected!

All the dragons in the northern valley transformed into dragons in an instant, echoing the roar of the Dragon God and issuing the most devout dragon roar.

Dragon roars resounded throughout the valley and the earth shook.

“Its time for the dragons to fight back.” Shen Yanxiao was extremely excited as she looked at the unprecedented spectacle before her.

The little golden dragon felt the excitement of his own kind and the blood in his body was boiling.

The dragons, who had been bullied by the undead for more than a thousand years, finally ushered in the horn of retaliation.

“After ten thousand years of slumber, I have finally ushered in a new life.

From now on, I will lead you to eradicate the undead that trampled on my Hidden Dragon Continent.” The Dragon God transformed into his human form and floated in the air.

“May our god lead us to eradicate the undead!” The dragons responded enthusiastically.

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