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The little golden dragons blood transfusion lasted for a whole day and a night.

During this period of time, Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi stood guard at the entrance.

Neither of them had a wink of sleep.

On the morning of the third day, an unfamiliar dragon might suddenly filled the entire nest.

Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi immediately stood up and saw a trace of nervousness in each others eyes.

“Success” Yang Xi was a little nervous.

“It should have succeeded.” Shen Yanxiao nodded.

Although the Dragon God was a little silly, it should not be a problem for him as a superior god.

The next second, a figure walked out.

Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi held their breaths.

“I feel a little dizzy to have to bleed just after being resurrected.

Sure enough, the endurance of a mortal body cannot be compared with that of a divine body.” The Dragon God walked out casually, his face slightly pale.

The moment he came out, he saw Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi staring at him in a daze.

He immediately took three steps back in fright.

“Why are you looking at me like that” The Dragon God covered his chest with his hands and stared nervously at the two ferocious people.

“Wheres Doudou” Shen Yanxiao frowned.

Why was he the first to come out

“Can you not speak to me in such a disdainful tone!” The Dragon God was very depressed.

He was still a superior god.

Could these two not despise him so much He was the one who had lost a lot of blood this time.

Not only did they not care about him, but they also had such an attitude!

Unfortunately, his complaints did not get any response from them.

Just as the Dragon God was grieving, a figure slowly came out from behind him.

A handsome and extraordinary face suddenly appeared in Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xis line of sight.

He had a tall figure and a flawless face.

His light golden eyes were slightly lowered.

There were also traces of tears in the corners of his eyes.

“Doudou” Shen Yanxiao looked at the handsome dragon in front of her with uncertainty.

The handsome young man raised his head and sobbed as he looked at Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi.

With a cry, the handsome young man fell into Yang Xis arms.

Yang Xi was forcefully pushed against the wall by the powerful force behind the hug.

“…” Shen Yanxiaos expression immediately became horrified.

The little golden dragon, who was unaware of the change in his strength, buried his head into Yang Xis arms and cried.

The more Shen Yanxiao looked at the two guys, the stranger she felt.

A cold-looking tall young man hugging a crying handsome young man…

Why did this scene feel so familiar

“Its alright.” Yang Xi endured the pain and comforted the little golden dragon as usual.

“Does it hurt” Shen Yanxiao looked at the crying little golden dragon and asked in a low voice.

The little golden dragon shook his head and raised his head.

“It doesnt hurt.

Im just… Im just a little afraid.”

There was a trace of shyness on the handsome young mans face and a blush surfaced on his cheeks.

He looked exceptionally shy and charming.

“…” Was it really okay for you to look so soft and vulnerable in the arms of another man

“Doudou, how do you feel now” Yang Xi stood up straight.

The might of this eight-winged golden dragon was not something ordinary people could withstand.

Fortunately, he was a Dragon Knight with strong defensive ability.

If he were a mage, he would have probably fainted.

The little golden dragon rubbed his eyes and said in embarrassment, “I think its very good.

Theres no problem.

The power in my body is very real.” Even though the process of replacing his blood was very cruel, the effect was extremely good.

He believed that he was no longer the little trash that could only rely on others for protection.

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