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“Then Id like to ask Long Yan to make arrangements for our visit to the Dragon Cemetery as soon as possible,” Sal said.

Long Yan smiled and said, “Ive already asked my subordinates to make the arrangements.

We can set off at any time.”

“Theres no time to lose.

Well leave this afternoon,” Sal said decisively.

Just as Sal and Long Yan finalized the matter concerning the resurrection of the Dragon Cemetery, an undead guard rushed in with an unusual expression.

“Reporting to the general!”

“Whats the matter” Sal frowned at the intruding guard.

“Your Highness Mingye… Your Highness Mingye has returned…”

“What!” Sal was instantly stunned.

Mingye had returned How was that possible

No one expected Mingye to come back at this time.

Sal immediately got up to take a look, but before he could go out, two figures appeared at the entrance of the hall.

Mingye, dressed in military attire, walked into the hall accompanied by Ye Dou.

His arrogant eyes coldly swept across everyone present.

“Your Highness!” The group of royal relatives immediately came back to their senses and knelt down in unison.

A trace of stiffness appeared on Sals face.

He never thought that Mingye would come back.

Moreover, looking at Mingyes appearance, there were no scars or injuries on his whole body..

“General Sal, why are you not saluting me when you see me” Mingye frowned slightly and looked at Sal, who was frozen in place, with a trace of dissatisfaction in his eyes.

Sal trembled and immediately knelt on one knee.

“Greetings, Your Highness Mingye.”

Mingye snorted and walked to the main seat of the hall, sitting down peacefully under the worship of the many undeads present.

Long Yan, who had been watching the show, was dumbfounded.

What was going on

Mingye, who had been missing for several days, actually came back on his own

“Your Highness, where… have you been during this period of time We were worried when we couldnt find you.” Sal asked.

Mingye slightly raised his eyebrows and sneered, “What General Sal has already started to question my whereabouts”

Sal immediately said, “This subordinate dares not.

This subordinate is just worried that the rebellious dragons of the Hidden Dragon Continent will harm Your Highness.”

Mingye said, “How could a mere dragon hurt me I just found something interesting and went to take a look.”

“Yes.” Sal secretly wiped his cold sweat, but his heart was full of doubts.

He felt that the Prince Mingye in front of him was different from how he had acted before, but he did not know what was different.

Mingyes disappearance and return were too strange.

Sal vaguely felt that something was wrong.

“What interesting things has Your Highness discovered Why dont you tell us so that we can broaden our horizons” Sal tentatively asked.

Mingye narrowed his eyes and did not respond.

Ye Dou, who stood on one side with his head lowered, smiled when no one was looking.

Sure enough, Sal was not easy to deal with.

He must have already suspected Mingye.

Shen Yanxiao, who was disguised as Ye Dou, laughed in her heart.

The one sitting here was the actual prince, not an impostor.

Under Shen Yanxiaos hint, Mingye instantly released his death energy.

The strong air of death exceeded that of all the high-level undeads in the room.

The strength of an undead prince could already be seen.

The moment he felt the powerful death energy, Sal was shocked.

This was definitely Prince Mingye.

In this wave of death energy, he clearly felt an aura very similar to the Lord of the Undead.

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