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After twelve days of travel, they finally arrived at the Dragon Cemetery.

It was a huge groove surrounded by mountains, and it was sunk deep into the bottom of the mountain.

It was practically impossible to find it without someone leading the way.

The Dragon Cemetery formed a natural groove in the mountains.

The dense mountain forest around it almost covered the entire cemetery.

Even sunlight could not penetrate the dense branches and leaves.

Darkness shrouded the entire Dragon Cemetery.

Even if you looked down from the sky, you would not notice its existence.

“Your Highness.” Sal called from outside the carriage.

Shen Yanxiao, who was disguised herself as Ye Dou, followed Mingye out of the carriage.

“Your Highness, please feel free to look around.

We will prepare the resurrection array.” Sal said.

The goal of the undeads this time was to resurrect all the dragons in the entire Dragon Cemetery.

Over the years, the bones of those dragons had been covered by thick dust.

Countless fallen leaves had accumulated on top of the bones, making this place extremely desolate.

Not even the bones of a single dragon could be seen.

But in fact, those bones were buried deep under the dust and leaves.

It was impossible to dig up all the bones of all the dragons here one by one.

Therefore, the undead had a special method for such a large-scale resurrection.

That was the resurrection array.

The high-level undeads would personally draw the array at the edge of the entire area until the array was completed, covering the entire Dragon Cemetery.

Mingye only needed to stand on the edge of the array and cast the resurrection spell to complete the array.

Sal took the high-level undeads to various parts of the Dragon Cemetery and seized the time to complete the array.

The group of royal relatives wanted to get some benefits by pleasing Mingye, but under Shen Yanxiaos hint, Mingye was ready to control the entire Dragon Cemetery.

The Dragon Cemetery was so huge that the undeads could not complete the construction of the whole array in a short time.

The intermediate and low-level undeads set up tents in the open space of the Dragon Cemetery, where they would wait for the completion of the array.

The mixture that the undeads used to draw the resurrection array was very evil.

It consisted of bone powder and blood.

The blood was extracted from ten captured earth dragons.

The earth dragons that had been drained of blood were then resurrected into bone dragons.

After that, they were forcefully destroyed and their bones were crushed into powder.

The whole Dragon Cemetery was filled with a disgusting rotten smell, which was intertwined with the smell of blood.

Shen Yanxiao sat in Mingyes tent and looked through the window at the high-level undeads who were immersed in drawing the array.

If the plan of the undeads succeeded, God knew how many bone dragons would be resurrected in the Dragon Cemetery.

Dragons that could rest in the Dragon Cemetery were at least a four-winged red dragon.

In the past ten thousand years, how many high-level dragons had fallen and ended their time here Their numbers had probably exceeded the total number of high-level dragons in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

“Just work harder.” Shen Yanxiao curled her lips and sneered.

No matter how much effort the undeads put in to resurrect the dragons here, she would eventually let Mingye destroy their fantasies.

The construction of the entire resurrection array took seven whole days.

During these seven days, all the high-level undeads in the Hidden Dragon Continent were busy day and night.

Finally, on the morning of the seventh day, the huge array covering the entire Dragon Cemetery was completed.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the strange dark red array from afar.

It was huge and gloomy.

She seemed to be able to hear the roars of the undead dragons under the array.

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