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“Where did the undeads go” Long Yan looked at everything around him in panic.

The undeads had collectively disappeared, and the bone dragons stood motionless in place.

What frightened him even more was the black-haired man standing among the bone dragons.

He just stood there quietly, but it made Long Yan feel as if all his bones were tingling.

Xiu stood rooted on the spot.

For the first time, his golden eyes showed a huge wave of emotions.

He looked at his stiff out-stretched hands.

The figure that was clearly within reach had disappeared without a trace before his eyes.

Just a little bit, just a little bit more and he would have caught her!

“Who are you Why are you here” Long Yan looked at the terrifying figure in horror.

Xiu maintained his original posture and did not give any response.

He slowly stood up and his tall figure floated in the air.

He closed his eyes and tried to sense Shen Yanxiaos aura, but the result made his heart ache.

This was the first time he could not sense Shen Yanxiaos aura since they met.

It was as if she had completely disappeared from the world.

“Master… Where did Master go” Vermilion Bird looked at the empty ground in horror.

He raised his head and his eyes were filled with uneasiness.

Xiu narrowed his eyes as Long Yans shouts continuously sounded in his ears.

His golden eyes that were as cold as ice suddenly looked at Long Yan.

When Long Yan saw those golden eyes, his body stiffened, and he could not move at all.

That was the symbol of the God race!

“How is it possible…” Long Yan muttered in disbelief.

“You deserve to die.” Words that had been chewed into ice dregs overflowed from Xius mouth.

He slowly raised his hand, and Long Yan in the distance seemed to have been grabbed by the neck and was lifted up.

Long Yan widened his eyes in horror.

As an eight-winged golden dragon, he did not even have the strength to break free!

“In the name of God, I will destroy your soul.

You will not enter the cycle of reincarnation, you will never be reborn, and you will be destroyed between heaven and earth.” A bone-chilling voice echoed above the Dragon Cemetery.

The moment the last word fell to the ground, Long Yans strong body exploded in an instant and bright blood splattered everywhere.

In the name of God, he had cast the curse of eternal destruction.

From now on, there would be no trace of Long Yan in the world, and his soul would be completely destroyed.

He would never reincarnate.

Throughout his life, Xius hands were stained with blood.

Countless devils had died under his hands, but he had never cursed any defeated opponent.

But today, he was completely furious.

Shen Yanxiao had disappeared before his eyes, and he could not find any trace of her.

It was all because of these ignorant dragons and those lowly undeads!

“Lord Xiu, where… where did Master go I… why cant I feel her aura My spiritual connection with her has also been cut off.” Vermilion Bird looked at Xiu.

He could not believe what had happened.

It was as if… Shen Yanxiao was dead.

“Wheres Taotie” Xius cold voice sounded.

Xiu frowned and the anger in his heart weakened at that moment.

“Shes still alive,” Xiu suddenly said.

“What” Vermilion Bird was stunned.

Even Xiu had been freed.

Didnt that mean that his master had…

“Taotie did not appear.

He must still be in Xiaoxiaos body.

Xiaoxiao is still alive.”

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