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“I will start my lesson with the most fundamental knowledge, which is the characteristics of medicinal ingredients.

I will not allow any sound during my class…”

Shen Yanxiao propped her head and looked at the teachers stern guidance.

Half of their lesson time had passed before the rather long-winded teacher started his teaching.

“Oh god, hes actually starting with the characteristics of the medicinal ingredients.

Ive already memorized those until I can recite them backward,” Tang Nazhi muttered gloomily.

The students who passed the herbalism test would have already undergone a period of self-learning, and thus, they were very clear about the fundamental knowledge in herbalism.

That was why most of them were not very interested in the content of that days lesson.

However, Shen Yanxiao was in the opposite situation.

She had a lucky strike, and so she was like a blind mouse that caught a cat.

She did not have any knowledge about any of those medicinal ingredients, let alone to brew a simple potion.

The knowledge that most students regarded as dull was essential to her.

Throughout the day, Shen Yanxiao absorbed the information about herbalism with all seriousness.

It was not as if she had a huge ambition for herbalism, but the profits of that profession were too significant for her to overlook.

Since Shen Feng had sent her to the Herbalism Division, she thought that she should not let that opportunity slip through her fingers.

She did not want to waste money on potions in the future, and it was best if she could produce them herself.

Tang Nazhi was astonished by Shen Yanxiaos seriousness in class.

He saw Shen Yanxiao as a super genius in herbalism, and yet that said super genius placed so much importance to the most fundamental knowledge in herbalism.

He was confused by all that.

He could only look at Shen Yanxiao silently as she listened to the lesson with single-hearted devotion and stared ahead blankly.

If he were too bored, he would force himself to listen to the content that he could already recite by heart.

The same situation continued for half a month.

During that period, Shen Yanxiao concentrated on absorbing herbalism knowledge during the day and learning curses at night.

Previously, she only needed a month to learn two combination curses.

However, she did not know why she had yet to learn a single combination curse after half a month successfully.

She was puzzled by her lack of progress.

Nevertheless, Xiu had hinted about the third seal that needed to be undone.

Therefore, she could only blame it on the seal.

When she finally undid the seal, her strength would increase like a rocket.

However, if the seal remained undone, then her progress would persist as slow as a snail.

Since it was hard for her to get a breakthrough in curses, Shen Yanxiao could only shift her concentration on the path of an archer.

In the dead of night, Shen Yanxiao decided to take her chances and sneaked into the library in the Archer Division.

The Archer Divisions Tower had rigorous security, so it was quite different from the Warlocks Tower.

It took her half a day of effort before she managed to evade all of the guards and snuck into the library.

Upon her entry, she immediately scrambled to the second floor to look for the book that she required.

The patrols were quite frequent in the Archer Divisions Tower, so Shen Yanxiao did not dare to stay inside for long.

In her haste, she could only search for some books about fundamentals in archery.

After she chose a couple of books that she felt was useful and kept them in her space ring, she snuck out of the tower.

However, there was a problem that annoyed her.

She realized that it was different if one were to learn archery.

An archer required a weapon!

A warlock was the only profession among the six that did not require a weapon or a staff.

However, an archer must have a bow!

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