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A group of purebred undead who were still running suddenly stopped because they found that the huge creature had a new target and was no longer chasing them.

“Who is that little kid Why havent I seen her before” A battered and exhausted undead teenager asked his companions.

“Ive never seen her before either, but she looks like a low-level undead.” Another undead teenager shook his head.

He was also covered in wounds.

“Low-level undead What a joke.

How can a low-level undead come to the Forest of Death” An undead girl came over with the help of her companions, her face full of disbelief.

“In any case, that Mole Beast seems to have regarded her as its target.

Lets take the opportunity to leave first.” The undead teenager did not care about the other partys life or death at all.

Even if the other partys appearance had resolved their crisis, in the minds of the arrogant purebred undead, low-level undeads were as insignificant as ants.

Asking them to save a low-level undead was simply a joke.

Just as they wanted to take advantage of the Mole Beasts change of target to retreat, a mournful roar erupted from its mouth.

This roar shook the earth, and the group of undead teenagers turned around in surprise.

What happened next stunned them all.

They saw an agile petite figure dancing in the air with the help of the surrounding trees.

She held a very inconspicuous longbow in her hand.

While she dodged, the longbow in her hand kept shooting arrows at the Mole Beast.

It was almost impossible to fight against high-level undead creatures with ordinary arrows.

The skin of high-level undead creatures was extremely tough.

Even swords that could cut iron like mud could hardly cause them fatal injuries.

However, an unbelievable scene unfolded before their eyes.

Every arrow shot by that figure was aimed at the Mole Beasts eyes!

No matter how powerful an undead creature was, their eyes would always be their weakest point.

“How is this possible… How did she do it” The undead teenager rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

He could not believe what he saw.

A low-level undead could actually inflict heavy damage on a high-level undead creature! This was simply a joke!

“Oh god! Ive never seen such a precise aim!” The undead girl covered her mouth in surprise.

Even though she was constantly dodging, she still had the ability to release arrows in mid-air, and every arrow hit the Mole Beasts eyeballs.

Under such a dense swarm of arrows, the Mole Beasts fragile eyeballs were filled with black arrows.

It was hard for them to imagine that an undead could shoot so many arrows in such a situation, and the accuracy of the arrows shot was at 100%!

“Is that guy really a low-level undead Thats impossible.” The purebred undead who wanted to take the opportunity to slip away stopped in their tracks.

They were dumbstruck as they looked at the scene of a low-level undead toying with a high-level undead creature.

Seeing that the Mole Beast, who had almost killed all of them, was played to this extent by a puny low-level undead, the worldview of these teenagers was completely distorted.

That fellow could not be a low-level undead! If low-level undeads were so skilled, how were we supposed to live

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