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Iry dragged the corpses of the four ghost wolves back to the spring.

The undead teenagers who were originally scattered around the spring suddenly stood orderly at the edge of the spring.

Each and every one of their faces was ashen as they lowered their heads and remained silent.

“Whats wrong with you” Iry looked doubtfully at his companions who were acting strangely, his mind full of questions.

Just as Iry asked the question, a tall figure slowly came out from behind a boulder.

His gray skin set off his resolute facial features.

He was an elderly high-level undead.

When Iry saw the other partys appearance, his expression suddenly changed.

He immediately put down the rope tied to the corpses and stood rooted on the spot.

“Mentor Kehr!” Iry looked at the sudden arrival of the high-level undead in shock.

Kehr was one of the top ten mentors of their Deathfire Academy, second only to the dean of Deathfire Academy.

The task of Iry and others was arranged by ordinary mentors, but only Iry knew that the real decision-maker of this task was actually Kehr, so he must complete the task no matter what.

It was too important for him to get Kehrs favor.

In addition to his status as a mentor of Deathfire Academy, Kehr was also a member of the undead royal family.

Unlike those parasites in the royal family, he was a very good leader.

After Sal was sent to the Hidden Dragon Continent, the undead army in the Howling Abyss was actually taken over by Kehr.

It could be said that Kehr held a pivotal position in the whole Howling Abyss.

Iry did not know why the boss behind this mission suddenly ran into the Forest of Death.

Kehrs sharp eyes swept over the four ghost wolves behind Iry, and something flickered in his eyes.

“Iry, did you kill those ghost wolves” Kehr asked in a deep voice.

His powerful momentum made the undead teenagers around him tremble.

Iry swallowed his saliva and struggled internally for a long time before he said, “No.”

He did not have the courage to deceive Kehr.

“Oh Then who killed them” Kehr asked.

Iry gritted his teeth.

He didnt expect that Kehr would appear here in person.

He had wanted to take the ghost wolves bodies back to Deathfire Academy with his other companions after the mission was over.

At that time, they would say that they had killed them together.

But now, he was caught red-handed by Kehr.

Iry himself did not have the strength to kill four ghost wolves alone.

Even if he claimed that he did it alone, Kehr would not believe it.

“Its… it was a low-level undead.” Iry said carefully.

“A low-level undead” Kehrs sharp eyes flashed slightly.

If he were not sure that Iry did not have the courage to deceive him, he would really think that Iry was deceiving him.

Iry took a deep breath and said, “Please forgive us, Mentor Kehr.

We… we really dont have the strength to kill ghost wolves.

After we entered the Forest of Death, we were attacked by a high-level undead creature.

While we were running away, we happened to encounter a low-level undead…”

Iry told Kehr about his encounter with Shen Yanxiao and her two feats in full detail.

Kehr listened quietly, his deep eyes made it hard for one to figure out his thoughts.

After a long time, Kehr looked at Iry, who was covered in cold sweat, and asked, “Where is the low-level undead named Yan Di now”

“I dont know.

She said she was going to find another ghost wolf and asked me to come back first,” Iry lowered his head and said.

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