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“You can think about my proposal.” Kehr had a good attitude.

Right now, she wanted to quickly increase her strength.

Only by undoing all the seals could she freely change her form and leave the Howling Abyss.

However, she felt that Kehrs invitation was very abrupt.

In fact, Shen Yanxiao did not find that her physical skills had reached the limit.

The experience accumulated over a long period of time in battle had exploded in this half month.

As a holy beast, Taotie did not know much about human physical skills.

The only one who could accurately judge Shen Yanxiaos strength was Xiu, who was not by her side.

This made Shen Yanxiao have the illusion that she was extremely weak.

If she were to fight against a high-level undead, as Kehr said, Shen Yanxiao could rely on her hands and agility to knock the other party down before they could use their death energy to cast a spell.

Even though she was weak, she was fast, accurate, and ruthless.

Even if she could not kill him with one punch, she could punch him twice…

Shen Yanxiao was still thinking about whether Kehrs invitation had any hidden intentions.

In reality, Kehr did have another thought.

Undeads relied too much on death energy, which was similar to the current human beings.

It was basically impossible for a low-level to fight against a high-level undead.

However, achievements in physical skills could change this situation.

The cooperation of their limbs and accurate melee attacks could be used to knock down an opponent before they could react.

As a general of the Howling Abyss and a mentor of Deathfire Academy, Kehrs soldiers and students were very unfamiliar with physical skills.

Please Keep reading 0n MYB0XN0VEL(.)C0M

Undead had death energy, humans had magic and battle aura, but these things could be consumed, while physical skills could not.

As long as your limbs were intact, it would always be your strength.

Kehr was very eager to invite Shen Yanxiao to join because he found that the little undead used a lot of physical skills.

Her attack pattern did not use any death energy, which was suitable for all undeads.

Shen Yanxiaos physical skills were actually a combination of her assassination skills from her previous life and her combat experience after her rebirth.

There were no complicated tricks, and all her moves were used to kill.

This was a rare treasure in Kehrs eyes.

One side felt that they were incompetent and that the other party must have a plot to poach them.

The other side felt that they had picked up a huge treasure and they had to poach it no matter what.

The undead teenagers standing on one side had been completely shocked out of their wits by the crazy scene in front of them.

They still hadnt figured out what the physical skills Kehr was talking about were, let alone why Kehr attached so much importance to a low-level undead… Well, Kehr said she might not be a low-level undead.

But even for a purebred undead, Shen Yanxiao was still too young!

She looked to be only fourteen or fifteen years old, and all of them were older than her.

If Shen Yanxiao agreed to Kehrs invitation, wouldnt that mean that they would have a mentor younger than them in the future

The undead teenagers were speechless and asked the sky.

They were just here to do a task; why did things turn out like this!

Shen Yanxiao thought for a long time and finally looked up at Kehr.

“I accept your invitation, but I will only teach for three hours a day.

I will allocate the rest of the time to myself.

You cannot hinder my training.” Since someone was willing to pay for the accumulation of her death energy, why should she refuse

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