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In the middle of every month, Deathfire Academy would have a break for two days.

During these two days, the entire school, from students to mentors, was free to move around.

Most of the undead would take advantage of this time to leave the school and stroll around the city to fill up their daily necessities and relax.

Shen Yanxiao changed into simple clothes and walked out of the gates of Deathfire Academy.

The city where Deathfire Academy was located was called Molly City, located in the middle of the Howling Abyss, not far from the main city.

Molly was a large city, and it had everything one could wish for.

It was much livelier than the small city Shen Yanxiao had been in.

Because the undeads did not like the heat when the sun shone on their skin, there were not many undeads in the streets and alleys during the day.

Even if there were, they would wear cloaks to cover themselves tightly.

Shen Yanxiao had a limited number of bone coins on hand.

With the money on her body, it was really difficult to satisfy Taoties appetite.

Thus, Shen Yanxiao could only resume her old business and take advantage of the situation.

Resurrected undeads usually had very little money.

Those who were really rich were the purebred undeads.

Shen Yanxiao went directly to the largest building in the city.

The resurrected undeads did not need to eat.

Only the purebred undead would feel hungry.

Therefore, the inns in the city were all prepared for purebred undeads.

Shen Yanxiao wrapped herself in a cloak and sat down in the largest restaurant.

The sun was shining outside, and a large number of purebred undeads chose to stay indoors.

The restaurant was crowded with many purebred undeads who gathered here to chat and eat.

Shen Yanxiao found a corner and sat down.

She noticed that there were many students of Deathfire Academy in this restaurant.

Although it was a rest day, the students here were still wearing their school clothes.

Shen Yanxiao aimed at a few high-level undeads who looked very rich.

While those fat sheep were still chatting leisurely, Shen Yanxiao had returned with a full load.

“Hey, Zhanye, whats the matter with your mentor” A familiar name entered Shen Yanxiaos ears.

Shen Yanxiao, who was about to move on to the next destination, immediately stopped and sat down on the chair.

She followed the voice and saw a group of undead teenagers in the school uniform of Deathfire Academy not far away.

One of them was Zhanye, who had been beaten up by Shen Yanxiao on the first day.

Shen Yanxiao suddenly decided not to leave.

She knew that during this period of time, few people in Deathfire Academy liked her.

Since they were discussing her, she might as well sit and listen for a while.

She was also curious about her image in the minds of Zhanye and the other students she had taught.

After Zhanye received Shen Yanxiaos shocking education on the first day, he was extremely well-behaved for the next month.

After all the female students were taken away, Shen Yanxiao only had forty-seven students under her command, and Zhanyes physique was the best among the forty-seven students.

In this one month, Zhanye also made the greatest progress.

Shen Yanxiao was quite optimistic about this hot-blooded young man.

Zhanye was surrounded by a group of teenagers, and there was no sign of anger on his handsome face.

He drank his tea with his head lowered.

He had no intention of opening his mouth to answer his friends questions.

“Hey, Zhanye, do you have to be like this We all heard from Qinxuan that your mentor Yan Di is very savage.

Is it true or not” A group of teenagers urged Zhanye to open his mouth.

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