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That girl named Qinxuan was the undead girl who had accused Shen Yanxiao in front of Kehr on the first day.

After she left, Qinxuan had been spreading rumors about Shen Yanxiaos cruelty outside.

At least half of the reason why Shen Yanxiao had become so notorious was because of her.

“Dont listen to Qinxuans nonsense.” Zhanye finally reacted.

He frowned slightly and muttered.

“Nonsense Didnt Yan Di punish you to squat on top of a brazier Didnt she whip you Didnt she say that you were beaten on the first day” The other teenagers obviously did not believe Zhanyes words.

During these past few days, which student who came out of the martial arts arena was not half dead Who would believe that Yan Di really did not abuse them

Zhanye opened his mouth, looked at his friends, and said angrily, “This has nothing to do with you.

Why do you care so much Mentor Yan Di… she is not as terrible as you say.

She is quite responsible.”

“Zhanye, dont tell me youve been beaten silly You still think shes good Dont tell me youre afraid that shell know that youve told the truth that she has been mistreating you in the martial arts arena Rest assured that we called you out today to prevent others from eavesdropping.

Dont you believe us” Obviously, no one believed Zhanyes words.

They all thought that Zhanye was afraid of Shen Yanxiao, so he said such words against his will.

“She didnt abuse us.

Alas… You wont understand even if I tell you.

In any case, we are doing well right now, so dont ask anymore questions.” Zhanyes mouth was not very good, and he did not know how to explain to this group of people, so he simply stopped discussing this topic.

But how could those teenagers be willing They invited Zhanye out for a drink today to inquire about some information.

They would not give up until the flames of gossip in their hearts were put out.

Shen Yanxiao listened quietly in the corner.

She was surprised after hearing Zhanyes words.

When she taught Zhanye and others, she was indeed attentive, but her method was extremely simple and crude.

Every day, she pushed these teenagers to their limits.

In her opinion, this was no different from abuse.

Besides, she did not have much contact with her students, and she did not expect those brats to understand that everything she did was to train them.

But Zhanye insisted that she was very responsible, which made Shen Yanxiaos heart warm a little.

These brats were not as annoying as she imagined, right

Just as Shen Yanxiao was wondering if she should continue to steal while she was at it, a group of teenagers wearing the school uniform of Deathfire Academy came in from outside the building.

At a glance, she could tell that these students were seniors, and their bodies were gradually approaching that of an adult undead.

Among those students, Shen Yanxiao found two familiar figures.

The only girl among the group of undeads who did not wear the school uniform of Deathfire Academy was Qinxuan.

The other acquaintance was the brat Shile.

The leader of that group of undead teenagers was a tall teenager, who was half a head taller than Zhanye.

All the teenagers followed behind him.

Qinxuan stood beside the teenager with a noble and arrogant expression.

“Zhanye, so you are also here.” The leader of the teenagers saw Zhanye sitting at the table, and his mouth revealed a mocking smile.

Zhanye looked up at the other party, and his expression suddenly became somewhat ugly.

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