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Iry and several of his companions appeared in the restaurant, staring at Naken, who was ready to continue attacking Zhanye.

“Iry…” The moment he saw Iry, Nakens arrogance weakened a lot.

“Senior Iry.” Zhanye looked at Iry in surprise.

Shen Yanxiao, who was originally in the corner and ready to take action, sat back down after seeing Iry appear.

Even though she did not know what kind of grudge that Naken had with Zhanye, she would never allow a brat to beat up her students in front of her.

As long as Naken dared to attack again, Shen Yanxiao was ready to go up and give that idiot a beating.

But now that Iry was here, seeing Nakens obvious fear of Iry, Shen Yanxiao chose to wait and see.

“Naken, rest days are not for you to fight.

You should know that the dean forbids students to fight in private.” Iry looked at Naken with a taut face.

“Iry, are you going to meddle in this matter”

Iry said without changing his expression, “If you want to break the school rules, I dont mind taking care of it.”

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With that said, the undead teenagers behind Iry immediately assumed a fighting posture.

The number of people on both sides was almost equal.

Once they started fighting, neither side would gain the upper hand.

Nakens expression was uncertain.

A moment later, he gritted his teeth and glared at Iry.

Then he turned to Zhanye and said, “Zhanye, youre lucky this time!”

With that said, Naken left the restaurant with his men.

It was not until Naken and others left that Zhanye and Shile breathed a sigh of relief.

They immediately thanked Iry for his help.

“Senior Iry, thank you very much.”

Iry swept away his original seriousness and said with a smile on his face, “No need.

I have received the favor of Mentor Yan Di.

It is my honor to be able to help her students this time.”

Irys words stunned Zhanye and Shile.

They did not expect Shen Yanxiao and Iry to know each other and even help each other.

Although Iry looked no different from ordinary students, the whole Deathfire Academy knew that Iry was in fact the grandson of their dean.

Even someone as arrogant as Naken would never dare to confront Iry head-on.

“I dont think Naken will let you go so easily.

Youd better go back to the academy as soon as possible.

At least in the academy, he wont dare to openly cause trouble for you.” Iry sighed.

He didnt like to use his identity to pressure people, but in the Forest of Death, Shen Yanxiao had helped his team.

He couldnt just watch Shen Yanxiaos students get beaten up in front of him.

“We will.” Zhanye gritted his teeth.

Iry patted Zhanye on the shoulder and left with his companions.

The teenagers who had called out Zhanye also rubbed their noses and left after seeing Iry and others leave.

This time, it was Naken who asked them to call out Zhanye.

Zhanye was not a fool.

Now he must have understood that if they continued to stay here, wouldnt they provoke Zhanyes resentment

The group of teenagers quickly left, leaving only Zhanye and Shile at the table.

Zhanyes face turned pale in an instant.

Nakens attack was not the slightest bit lenient.

Zhanye was hit head-on and had been seriously injured.

Zhanye covered his chest in pain while Shile looked at him nervously.

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Just as they were considering whether to return to the academy as soon as possible, a bottle of sparkling translucent potion was handed to them.

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