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Moreover, the essence of a resurrected undead was not that of a real undead.

The former could absorb death energy at the speed of a tortoise.

Only purebred undead could absorb death energy in large quantities and transform it.

Shen Yanxiao seemed to have yet to reach adulthood; she was in fact even younger than many of the students of Deathfire Academy.

The dean believed that his judgment was correct.

The little fellow in front of him was definitely a purebred undead.

Based on the absorption speed of a purebred undead, if Shen Yanxiao had been absorbing death energy all this time, it would not be difficult for her to achieve this breakthrough.

The advancement of purebred undeads was much faster.

It took dozens of years for a resurrected undead to advance, and on the other hand, it would only take a few years for a purebred undead to advance.

“Kehr said that you have been living in the Forest of Death.

Your physical skills must have been trained there, so you should have killed a lot of undead creatures there.

Their dark nuclei are very helpful to you.

For you to have a breakthrough at this age, it shows how fast you absorb death energy.” The dean thought that Shen Yanxiao had been staying in the Forest of Death.

At her age, he guessed that she had been training all this while before entering the academy.

After entering the academy, she just happened to have the opportunity to advance.

If the dean knew that Shen Yanxiao had only used less than two months to break through to become an intermediate-level undead, what would he think

Shen Yanxiao touched the tip of her nose and did not explain further.

If it took her a few years to advance from a low-level undead to an intermediate-level undead, when would she be able to undo all the seals

Shen Yanxiao had checked the seal on her arm before.

After breaking through to the intermediate level, two layers of the seal had been undone.

This meant that she still had five layers of the seal that had yet to be undone.

However, with her current speed of improvement, she believed that in less than a year, she should be able to completely undo the seals and freely transform into her other racial form to leave the Howling Abyss.

“I called you here this time, firstly because I want to see you, and secondly, I want to ask you if you are willing to let us help you remove the power in your body that is inhibiting your death energy” The dean finally revealed the purpose of calling Shen Yanxiao over.

Shen Yanxiaos physical skills were very powerful, but her death energy was very thin, so other undeads regarded her as a resurrected undead.

The dean intended to keep Shen Yanxiao in Deathfire Academy, but in her current condition, it was not appropriate for her to stay for a long time.

Ever since Shen Yanxiao entered Deathfire Academy, the teachers and students who came to complain to him had never stopped.

This made the dean very distressed.

If Shen Yanxiao were really a good-for-nothing, he could drive her out of Deathfire Academy according to the wishes of other mentors.

However, the current situation had proved that Shen Yanxiaos physical skills were very helpful to the students here.

Thus, the dean had to consider the problem of Shen Yanxiao officially joining Deathfire Academy.

The most important thing was to restore Shen Yanxiaos identity as a purebred undead.

Otherwise, with her current thin strand of death energy, no matter how he and Kehr explained it to the other mentors, they would not believe it.

The dean did not want to have any internal strife between the teachers in his academy.

Remove the power in her body Shen Yanxiao was somewhat speechless.

If she were really an undead, she would be happy to accept such an invitation.

But the problem was, she was not an undead!

She had the blood of the undead in her body, but it only accounted for one-eighth of her body.

God knew if these guys would find anything fishy after studying her.

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