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Xiu once told her that no matter which profession, one should always pay attention tofate whenever one chose a weapon.

A weapon came with a soul, and it would only resonate when they found a suitable owner.

Thus, Shen Yanxiao was on the lookout for a bow that would resonate with her.

Shen Yanxiao felt depressed as she looked at the row of bows.

She wondered why none of those hundreds of bows resonated with her.

“What is a penniless beggar doing here in the Lianjin Weapon Shop” A young man browsing the collection of bows frowned when he noticed Shen Yanxiaos depressed look.

He looked at her with scorn as he stared at her simple and poor clothes.

Lianjin Weapon Shop was famous for its expensive weapons.

Even the most basic weapons would cost a few folds of what other shops would charge.

However, the students from the Saint Laurent Academy loved to visit that place.

They knew about its exorbitant prices, but they knew that the weapons there had excellent workmanship.

It was almost like a symbol of ones status if one could afford a weapon from that shop.

Some first-year students even took part in some kind of twisted invidious comparison under the instigation of a few senior students.

It was one thing to compare ones strength, and it was another to compete between ones wealth.

Some students, who were inferior to others in terms of personal strength, would attempt to compensate for that flaw with their financial resources.

That was why it was a rare occasion to have a small, young kid with a dull appearance and even plainer clothes in that luxurious shop.

That made him stand out in the crowd, and not in a good way.

“Who knows However, based on his looks, he wouldnt be able to afford it anyway.

Perhaps hes just here to widen his horizons.” Another student did not even hide his contempt toward Shen Yanxiao.

As he spoke, he deliberately picked up the bow that Shen Yanxiao was looking at and glanced at the price tag arrogantly.

“Only seven hundred gold coins Who would want this garbage anyway”

The youngster who spoke previously smiled at his companion and then shot a sideways glance at Shen Yanxiao as he said, “Of course, this type of junk is not worthy of you, Wan Li.

However, not everyone could afford its price, not even if its just junk.”

Shen Yanxiao frowned.

She was only in deep thoughts, and her blank gaze unconsciously landed on that bow.

She did not expect those two idiots would make such a big fuss about that.

Shen Yanxiao was in a dilemma because she could not find a suitable bow, and so she did not notice that the two idiots took that opportunity to mock her.

“Head to the second floor.” Xius voice suddenly echoed in her mind.

Shen Yanxiao immediately looked toward the flight of steps that led to the second floor.

She noticed something strange.

The first floor was extremely crowded, and yet she did not see anyone ventured upstairs.

“Theres something good on the second floor, go up,” Xiu urged her again.

Shen Yanxiao did not doubt his words, and so she made her way up those stairs.

When they saw that the subject of their mockery headed toward the flight of stairs, the two youngsters could only gawk in disbelief.

“Where is that boy going”

“Is he pulling our legs Hes actually thinking of going to the second floor.

Even if he slogged his guts for the entirety of his lifetime, he still wont be able to afford a single bow from the second floor.

No… it is more accurate to say that he cant even afford the bowstring.”

“Thats right.

Everyone knows that the prices for the weapons on the second floor start at ten thousand gold coins.

That kid wont be able to afford it even if he wants to.”

Even though the two self-proclaimed wealthy youngsters continued to mock her, they only dared to wander around the first floor because of their financial constraints.

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