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The young man spoke intermittently, and Shen Yanxiao finally knew what had happened.

Not long after she was taken away by Kehr, Naken came to the martial arts arena with a group of undeads.

They did not distinguish right from wrong and directly attacked the students in the martial arts arena.

Zhanye and others, who were still training, were directly beaten up.

“Why didnt you fight back” Shen Yanxiao looked at the scarred teenagers in front of her.

After a month of training, she knew very well how much these teenagers had grown.

Even in the face of Naken and others, they might have the chance to beat them.

But from what this teenager said just now, from beginning to end, it was Naken and his group beating them easily.

From beginning to end, they did not fight back, which was why they were beaten so miserably.

“If you cause trouble in the martial arts arena… it will affect you, Mentor…” The young man lowered his head as he spoke.

They were in the middle of a class, and it was also in their mentors teaching area.

Once they started fighting with Naken and the others, the whole situation would turn unclear.

Shen Yanxiao had a bad reputation in Deathfire Academy.

If this matter got out of hand, she would probably be punished as a new mentor.

The reason why Naken and the others came back to cause trouble was entirely because of their personal grudge.

These students had participated in the selection of Mentor Luoqiu before and were rejected because of their lack of strength.

During the selection process, they had a lot of friction with the group of teenagers led by Naken.

They did not want Shen Yanxiao to be implicated because of what had happened between them.

Even though Shen Yanxiao was strict, what she taught them was really useful.

Whether Shen Yanxiao was friendly or not, in the eyes of these students, she was their mentor who was worthy of their respect.

The teenagers words made Shen Yanxiaos breathing stop for a moment.

She looked at the group of teenagers who were swallowing their anger in surprise.

In the beginning, they were unwilling to accept her teachings, but now, in order to protect her and not implicate her, they allowed Naken to beat them.

The blood stains and the wounds on their bodies exposed the brutality they had suffered.

Shen Yanxiao was well aware of how ruthless Naken was to Zhanye that day.

She feared that the experience of these teenagers today had not been any better than what Zhanye experienced that day.

“Do you know where Zhanye and Shile are right now” Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in her chest.

“Mentor Yan Di, dont worry about this matter.

Naken doesnt dare to go too far.

Otherwise, the dean will not let him go.” One of the teenagers tried to persuade Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao was trying very hard to restrain the anger in her heart, and there was not the slightest bit of anger on her face.

But through her calm face, these teenagers could feel that a volcano was about to erupt.

“All of you, follow me.” Shen Yanxiao did not ask any more questions.

She knew that no matter how many questions she asked, these teenagers would refuse to answer in order to protect her.

“Mentor Yan Di, where are you going” The group of teenagers was a little stunned.

They did not say anything.

Where was Shen Yanxiao taking them

“Follow me.” Shen Yanxiaos voice was so soft that it made ones hair stand.

The group of teenagers could only brace themselves and follow behind Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao walked out of the martial arts arena with her 45 students.

Such a huge group of students immediately attracted the attention of some students passing by.

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