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Without any hesitation, all the students released a deafening roar at the same time.

Shen Yanxiao smiled.

This time, her smile came from the bottom of her heart.

“Give me a months time, and I will lead you to victory.”

“Mentor Yan Di, please!” They let out another roar in unison.

All the students bowed to Shen Yanxiao at this moment.

A scholar would die for his bosom friend.

They were not the best students in Deathfire Academy.

In the eyes of many mentors, they were hopeless waste.

No mentor was willing to sincerely spend their time and energy on them.

Even they themselves had no confidence in themselves.

However, Shen Yanxiao still gave them such an opportunity, so they could only take a gamble.

“In the next month, you will live a miserable life.

I hope you can persevere.” Shen Yanxiao looked at these students with a smile.

She was well aware of the stakes in the match between her and Luoqiu.

She was not blindly impulsive.

She knew that the quality and foundation of these students could not be compared to Luoqius students.

“Mentor Yan Di, you can train us freely.

We have decided to endure it!” The teenagers opened their mouths excitedly.

Shen Yanxiao had brought them too many surprises.

Seeing Shen Yanxiaos determination, a thought began to emerge in their hearts.

If she were to teach them, perhaps it was not impossible for them to win.

More than 40 students, from this moment on, all entered the ultimate training state.

Shen Yanxiao submitted an application to Kehr.

In the following month, this group of teenagers would give up all other courses and stay in the martial arts arena all day long, trained by Shen Yanxiao herself.

The entire martial arts arena was completely sealed off.

Shen Yanxiao changed the original three-hour long class to twelve hours.

Right now, she had changed her previous lazy mentality after entering Deathfire Academy.

Shen Yanxiao and her students were completely immersed in their training.

The whole Deathfire Academy was also boiling over the bet between Shen Yanxiao and Luoqiu.

Other than Shen Yanxiao, no one was optimistic about her students.

Kehr found the dean at once, hoping that the dean had a way to stop the competition.

“Dean, Yan Di was impulsive this time.

We cant just watch her and Luoqiu fight like this.” Kehr was anxious.

Luoqiu was very powerful, and the students who graduated from him had always been the best in Deathfire Academy.

Not to mention that it was Shen Yanxiaos first time teaching, the overall quality of the students in their hands was very different.

Coupled with the fact that they would only have a month to prepare, it was impossible to turn the tables.

There was no expression on the deans face as he narrowed his eyes.

“Why dont we let her try” The dean said.

Kehr was slightly stunned.

“Even if we can help, we can only help once.

Besides, Ive already heard about this matter.

It was Yan Di herself who asked for it.

So many students and mentors have heard it with their own ears.

If we intervene now, Yan Dis reputation will be greatly damaged.

Yan Di is very special.

If she wants to establish herself in Deathfire Academy, she must have some achievements, and this may be an opportunity for her.

Besides, I dont think Yan Di is a reckless person.

She must have her own reasons for saying this.

We might as well wait and see and give her this opportunity,” The dean explained.

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