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If Shen Yanxiao won, it would prove that resurrected undeads were not weaker than the purebred undeads.

The oppressed resurrected undeads practically used their souls to pray for the favor of the goddess of victory.

Shen Yanxiao did not know that her appearance had brought a glimmer of hope to those resurrected undeads living at the bottom of society.

Shen Yanxiao took her students to the center of the arena, where Luoqiu and his students had already arrived.

As soon as the two sides met, the atmosphere in the arena became tense.

The students in the stands widened their eyes in fear that they would miss some sparks.

From the looks of it, Luoqius side had won.

Be it momentum or death energy, Naken and the rest were superior.

Some students noticed that when Zhanyes group of teenagers entered the arena, their movements were not agile.

They were loose and scattered, without any energy to speak of.

On the other hand, Nakens domineering entrance was much stronger.

They did not even have the strength or speed to walk, so how could they compete


Amidst the discussion, Kehr came out from one side.

He would be the referee of this competition.

“Are you all ready” Kehr looked at Luoqiu and then at Shen Yanxiao.

If possible, he really wanted to end the match right now.

He originally had a glimmer of hope for Zhanye and others after seeing their enthusiasm for training, but when he saw the results of their training, the glimmer of hope in his heart was completely extinguished.

Luoqiu deserved to be one of the top ten mentors of Deathfire Academy.

He was really good at teaching students.

Kehr was the most effective in training soldiers, but Luoqiu was better at training students than him.

Even Kehr had to admit that.

Luoqiu nodded with confidence.

Shen Yanxiao also responded.

“This competition is mainly a spar.

Killing is not allowed,” Kehr instructed.

“Of course.” Luoqiu chuckled.

On his pale face, his viper-like eyes flickered with a sinister light.

Shen Yanxiao glanced at Luoqiu and said nothing more.

Kehrs words had no binding effect on Luoqiu at all.

Shen Yanxiao had experienced so many tricks.

Even if she used her toes to think, she knew what evil thoughts this hypocrite had in his heart, but…

Half a kilogram against eight taels.

It would depend on who was better.

Kehr sighed and announced the official start of the game.

The content of the match between Shen Yanxiao and Luoqiu was very simple.

Each side would send out forty-seven students to fight as a team.

The match would not end until all the members of the other side were knocked down or when one side announced their surrender.

One could only imagine how chaotic the battle would be.

Under Kehrs lead, Shen Yanxiao and Luoqiu withdrew from the competition venue and sat in the spectator seats.

Only the students from both sides remained in the arena.

Naken crossed his arms and looked arrogantly at Zhanye.

“Zhanye, youre really stupid to come up here in such a hurry to seek death.

I would be sorry if I dont fulfill your wish.” Naken noticed that the death energy on Zhanyes body was no different from a month ago.

Obviously, in this one month, Zhanyes death energy had not grown in the slightest, while Nakens death energy had grown rapidly.

Naken could almost imagine how he would “take care” of this old opponent in the future.

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