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The more they fought, the more comfortable they got.

They pressed on step by step, giving their opponents no chance to play.

The entire battlefield was brought to their rhythm.

Luoqiu could no longer sit still.

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that this group of garbage he had abandoned would have such a day.

Looking at a group of good-for-nothings beating up his outstanding students, Luoqiu almost vomited blood.

On the other side, Shen Yanxiao had a calm expression on her face, as if everything was within her expectations.

Nearly a hundred students were trapped in such a martial arts arena, and the space they could display their skills was very limited.

The reason why Shen Yanxiao dared to make this bet with Luoqiu was because she knew the limitations of the match too well.

If they were on a real battlefield, the two sides would be far apart.

With Zhanye and the others current strength, it was almost impossible to approach before Naken and the others attacked.

However, the martial arts arena was only so big.

Even though it was considered wide, with so many students squeezed in, it was impossible to pull away.

The fighting style Shen Yanxiao taught Zhanye and others conformed to the terrain of the martial arts arena.

Naken and the others were forced to retreat in defeat.

They did not have the time to condense the death energy in their hands.

They had just forced their opponents back, but they would soon stick to them again.

They simply wanted to die.

The atmosphere in the entire martial arts arena was stirred up, and the cheers were no longer one-sided.


Just as Naken and others were forced into a dead end, Zhanye and others finally launched their last attack.

All the students exerted their strength at the same time!

Only one move!

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When Zhanyes fist hit Nakens abdomen, Nakens tall body flew out like a kite with a broken string and hit the fence of the martial arts arena.

Soon after, one student after another encountered the same situation as Naken.

They had only been careless and suffered a blow, but it had sent them flying.

Their internal organs suffered a huge blow in an instant and they could no longer stand up.

In an instant, the entire martial arts arena was silent.

All the surrounding students were shocked by the scene before them.

They thought that Zhanye and others would continue to use close combat to gradually knock down their opponents, but they did not expect that the match would end in such a dramatic way before they were mentally prepared.

Naken and the others had already collapsed on the ground.

A few teenagers who wanted to get up fell to the ground after several attempts.

No one could stand up again.

Zhanye and others followed Shen Yanxiaos teachings flawlessly.

After the strange silence, a deafening roar erupted in the entire arena.

None of the students realized what had happened.

Why was it that Zhanye and others could completely incapacitate their opponent with only one blow

The effect was too shocking!

Countless shouts resounded throughout the venue.

Luoqiu, who stood in the spectators seat, looked at the students lying on the ground in a daze.

There were no mistakes; those students were all taught by him personally.

The students he was once proud of were now like a pool of mud, lying on the ground and twitching.

Those who remained standing were all Shen Yanxiaos students.

Victory and defeat were clear at a glance!

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