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Did Luoqiu leave Deathfire Academy or not

No one knew this except for the dean.

However, smart students quickly discovered that Nakens clique who had been studying under Luoqiu had been handed over to another mentor.

From this, it was guessed that Luoqiu no longer taught any students.

It was as if he had completely disappeared from Deathfire Academy.

However, there was no official news.

Everyone could only hold their guess in their hearts.

As Luoqiu disappeared without a trace, Shen Yanxiaos reputation in Deathfire Academy grew.

Zhanye and the others resumed their daily training on the third day after the match, ending their closed-door training in the martial arts arena.

It was no longer as isolated as before.

Many students would come and squat at the entrance, watching Zhanye and the others training with curious eyes.

The students, who originally disdained Shen Yanxiaos teaching, now formed groups to visit the martial arts arena all day long.

Many students wished they could squeeze in.

However, the dean had already announced that Shen Yanxiao would only teach one group of students.

If they wanted to sneak in Sorry, wait until next year!

Right now, Shen Yanxiao had become the most valuable mentor in Deathfire Academy that students wanted to hook up with the most.

To be able to train a group of ordinary students into beasts that could crush the top students in two months, this kind of fighting strength made the students go crazy!

They also wanted to be praised and have explosive fighting strength.

They wished they could beg Mentor Yan Di for a spot in her class!


Zhanye and others were immediately under a lot of pressure.

They had not received any attention before, so their training had been extremely smooth.

But now, there were groups of hungry students clinging to the entrance of their martial arts arena every day with their eyes shining with green light as if they wanted to swallow them whole.

This feeling was extremely awkward.

Can you keep a low profile Can you be more reserved Who allowed you to stare at our mentor with such obscene eyes


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Believe it or not, Ill dig your eyeballs out!

The students in the martial arts arena were indignant, while the students outside the martial arts arena were drooling over Shen Yanxiao.

Even though the two sides had yet to fight, the battle between their eyes was getting more and more intense.

“Mentor Yan Di.” During the break, Zhanye came to Shen Yanxiao with a taut face.

Shen Yanxiao put down the martial arts secret book in her hand and looked up at Zhanye.

After the match, she let Zhanye and others resume their normal intensity training while she took advantage of her free time to study the martial arts secret book.

Shen Yanxiao vaguely felt that the death energy in her body was surging and growing again.

Perhaps not long from now, she would be able to break through to become a high-level undead.

Right now, three layers of the seal on her body had been undone, leaving only four layers.

According to this speed, she should be able to undo all the seals in half a years time.

At that time, she would be able to change her racial form.

Zhanye looked at the confused Shen Yanxiao and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

Did she not realize that those bastards crouching at the door were staring at her with hungry eyes

“Mentor Yan Di, we realized our class doesnt have a name yet, and weve discussed it.

Can we call ourselves the Flaming Red Squad” Zhanye tried hard to restrain the urge to strangle those peepers.

“You want a class name” Shen Yanxiao was surprised.

She was not aware of this.

“Well, students who are carefully taught by their mentor will follow their mentor until they graduate.

During this period, they must have their own class name,” Zhanye said in all seriousness.

In Deathfire Academy, the class that was named was fixed to follow only one mentor.

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