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Recently, something was wrong with Zhanye.

All the teenagers of the Flaming Red Squad had noticed it.

Zhanye, who had always been diligent, often went into a daze after the training ended.

His handsome face would sometimes giggle, sometimes be tangled; the expression on his face was unpredictable.

“Somethings wrong, somethings not right.” Shile, who had always been close to Zhanye, soon noticed the odd situation of Zhanye.

He stroked his chin and stood on one side with the other members of the Flaming Red Squad to pay attention to the dazed Zhanye.

“Why do I see Lin Yues appearance from some time ago from him” One of the teenagers scratched his head.

Lin Yue was one of the members of their team.

Not long ago, he fell in love with a girl from Deathfire Academy.

During that time, Lin Yue had yet to confirm his relationship with that girl, and he would also stare at the wall all day long.

It was not until he confirmed his relationship with that girl that he returned to normal.

As a matter of fact, as soon as todays training ended, that bastard went on a date

“Dont tell me that Zhanye, he…” Another teenagers expression was somewhat horrified.

Zhanye was already the leader of their team, and the way he usually urged them to train couldnt be any more cruel.

He was still young, but his face was cold all day long.

Outside of the arena, he did not have any contact with any female undeads.

How could he suddenly be in love

“Shile, you live in the same dormitory as Zhanye.

Have you seen which mentor that girl is under” A group of gossipy teenagers uniformly looked at Shile.

Shile blinked his eyes.

“Where did this girl come from I havent seen her at all.

Every time Zhanye comes back from the arena, he just practices in his room over and over again.

At most, he goes out for a while during dinner, and while doing that, hes still with me.

I really havent seen any girl talk to him yet.” If there were any signs, he would have found it long ago.

Why would he stay here and think hard

“Thats impossible.

His current appearance is clearly a copy of Lin Yues.” A group of teenagers firmly believed that something had happened to Zhanye.

“Say, if its not a girl, could it be…” One of the teenagers suddenly opened his mouth and looked at his other companions with evil eyes.

For a moment, all the teenagers he looked at shivered.

“Thats enough.

Zhanye doesnt have such a strong taste, okay”

“Well, theres no other option…”

“Have you noticed when Zhanye became like this” Shile suddenly thought of something.

“Now that you mention it…” The group of teenagers immediately started to think.

Zhanye started to look like this two days ago, and two days ago, it was when Qinxuan and others came…

Could it be that Zhanye liked one of them

For a moment, all the members of the Flaming Red Squad were in a mess.

This conjecture was simply too shocking!

“No! Qinxuan and those other girls are not good people.

We cant let Zhanye be so obsessed!” Shiles face slightly changed.

Qinxuan was good-looking, but that womans mind was too poisonous.

If they hadnt known the quality of Qinxuan before, they might have been happy to see this happen.

But Qinxuan had done too many vicious things; they would never see Zhanye fall into the mud.

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