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The members of the Flaming Red Squad looked at Zhanyes silly smile and were all anxious.

Shile hesitated for a moment and then walked toward Zhanye.

“Zhanye.” Shile called out.

“Zhanye!” Shile slapped the back of Zhanyes head.

Zhanye came back to his senses and looked at Shile in surprise.

Shile sighed and said, “You have someone you like”

Zhanyes face turned red in an instant and said in a flurry, “You… What are you talking about!”

Shile facepalmed.

Brother, even if you want to quibble, dont be so obvious.

I just asked a question, why are you blushing And you say theres no problem Who would believe you

“Zhanye, as a brother, I want to advise you… Some people are not suitable for you.” Shile didnt want to make his words too clear, saving Zhanye the trouble.

Zhanye completely misunderstood Shiles words.

He thought that Shile had found out that he had some impure thoughts about Mentor Yan Di.

For a moment, he was so embarrassed that he didnt know how to explain.

He also knew that he and Mentor Yan Di were not suitable for each other.

Although Mentor Yan Di was a low-level undead, she was better than a purebred undead.

He was just an undead teenager without any potential.

If he hadnt been taught by Mentor Yan Di, he feared that he would never have the chance to make a name for himself in this life.

However, feelings could not be controlled by reason.

Zhanye did not expect that he would suddenly have such feelings for Shen Yanxiao.

He tried hard to restrain his feelings, but he could not stop his eyes from following that petite figure.

“I… I know.” Zhanye struggled for a moment and helplessly lowered his shoulders.

“I know I am not worthy of her.

I… I just want to silently hide these feelings in my heart.

Ive never thought about anything more.”

Not worthy Shile was struck dumb.

Although he was glad that Zhanye didnt intend to go further with Qinxuan, but… not worthy of Qinxuan What a joke! Such a hypocritical woman actually made Zhanye feel unworthy! Shile really wanted to pry open Zhanyes head and see what he was thinking.

“Its not that you dont deserve her, its that she doesnt deserve you,” Shile said angrily.

What he wanted was for Zhanye to realize the true nature of Qinxuan, not for Zhanye to belittle himself.

Zhanye was slightly stunned.

“You… How can you say that Its obvious that I dont deserve her.

Shes so outstanding, but Im so useless.”

Shile completely exploded.

Was this guys brain flooded with water To praise such a hypocritical woman as outstanding!!!

“Zhanye, are you a fool You know better than me what Qinxuan has done.

What on earth are you thinking How can you think that this kind of woman is outstanding With your current strength, you can choose anyone you like in our Deathfire Academy.

Why are you attracted to that irly As a brother, I really have to advise you to recognize Qinxuans real face as soon as possible and stop being stupid.” Shile couldnt stand it anymore.

Seeing his brother being attracted to such a woman and saying that he was not worthy of her, he was about to explode.

Zhanyes expression became extremely strange in an instant.

He looked at Shile with a strange look and said, “Who told you that the one I like is… Qinxuan”

“Do I need anyone to tell me that Youve been acting weird ever since Qinxuan and the rest came.

Who else could it be”

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