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The price of a weapon forged by a Great Master would usually increase several folds!

Meng Yiheng hesitated at first, but when he heard about what the shop assistant had said, he immediately decided to purchase the Mercury Wood Bow.

Great Master Duan lived in seclusion in the Black City, and he rarely put out a weapon for sale.

One could only come by one of his weapons with luck, and not by searching for it.

“I want this bow.” Meng Yiheng gritted his teeth and decided to purchase it.

Even though it was a good bow, its hefty price tag was too shocking for the customers, and the shop had not been able to sell it for several months already.

Finally, with great difficulties, an interested party came along, and the shop assistant itched to get it sold.

Just as everyone felt satisfied with the outcome of the sale, a neglected customer finally spoke up.

“I saw this bow first.” Shen Yanxiao was upset.

She got lost in her own thoughts, and a person suddenly appeared to snatch what she had wanted

Furthermore, was the shop assistant blind She had been staring at the bow for a long time, but he did not even attend to her.

However, the moment Meng Yiheng came along, he did not even need to speak much, and yet he managed to snatch the very thing that she liked

The four of them were stunned when the very-much-neglected Shen Yanxiao spoke up.

Meng Yiheng frowned.

He looked at the little guy, who did not seem to be able to afford the bow, and he got upset.

Who did the little guy think he was to fight him for something

The shop assistants lips twitched.

What kind of trouble did the young lad try to cause He saw that first Did he even have the money to buy the bowVisit on our vipnovel.com

Wan Li and another young man blinked as they were stunned for a moment.

Soon after, they laughed out loud.

“Hey little kid, can you stop joking You saw the bow first I could even say that I saw all of the weapons here first.

Speaking of which, can you even afford it This bow costs over a million gold coins, not a hundred gold coins.

Since you said that you saw it first, then take out the money to pay for it!” Wan Li thought that he would die of laughter.

The kid did not look like he could even afford the seven hundred gold coins for the previous bow, and then he had the cheek to say that he took a fancy of the mercury wood bow

It must have been a joke.

He probably did not even have a hundred gold coins, let alone a million of them.

“Youre biting off more than you can chew,” the other young man said with a rude sneer.

Shen Yanxiao shot a glance at the cynical Wan Li and decided that she was not in the mood to speak to an idiot.

It was a good bow, but she hesitated to purchase it because it did not resonate with her.

However, it was apparent that it would be difficult to find a bow that would resonate well with her, and she was eager to practice her skills.

Thus, she decided to get the Mercury Wood Bow temporarily until she could find a better one.

However, she did not expect Meng Yiheng to appear so suddenly.

“First come first served, do you even know of this” Shen Yanxiao snorted.

“Customer, Im not trying to be mean, but youve been here for half a day already.

If you really wish to buy this bow, then please make the payment first.

Otherwise, if youre just standing here without paying, dont tell me you wont allow us to make a sale” The shop assistant was unhappy with the trouble that the kid would cause.

He was about to sell the bow, so why did the little kid had to interrupt their transaction

“Thats right! If you wish to get it, then fork out the money!” Wan Li sneered.

The little kid looked like he was poorer than him.

There was no way he could afford such an expensive bow, and yet he had the gall to say that he had seen it first.

Just as Shen Yanxiao wanted to make her arguments, Xiu suddenly said, “Forget about that broken piece of garbage.

Walk to the northeast direction of the shop.

I can sense something good there.”


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