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It was not that he did not miss her, but he had no choice but to wait.

Vermilion Bird was originally filled with rejection towards Xiu and Shen Yanxiao.

However, for the past few months, Xiu would stand on the mountain peak every day and look in the direction of the Howling Abyss.

Vermilion Bird understood that Lord Xiu was missing his master.

His endless yearning was deeply suppressed in his heart.

Compared to resolving his yearning, he was more concerned about Shen Yanxiaos growth and safety.

Therefore, he could only choose to wait.

Even though Shen Yanxiao was now an undead, the contract signed between Xiu and Shen Yanxiao still existed.

As long as Shen Yanxiao was still alive, Xiu would not be nervous.

As long as he knew that Shen Yanxiao was safe, he could be at ease.

“The War God, he… is he really so infatuated” The Dragon God thought that this was very shocking!

He could not associate the War God who had abused him a thousand times with the wordinfatuated.

“Perhaps.” Vermilion Bird sighed.

“Then when are you going to find her” The Dragon God glanced at Xiu.

To tell the truth, he was really not used to such a restless War God.

Xius impression on others was always so cold, so cold that it was almost heartless.

However, when Shen Yanxiao was by his side, that iceberg-like coldness seemed to have faded a lot, making him more expressive.

But now, Xiu seemed to have returned to the cold and lonely War God of the past.

It was always empty around him.

Before, when the Dragon God went to provoke Xiu, he would still receive a beating, but now, Xiu did not even have the desire to fight.

No matter what he said, Xiu merely glanced at him and did not react.

“Hurry up and get that little girl back.

This kind of War God… Im really not used to it.” The Dragon God scratched his head.

He would rather be beaten up by Xiu than be ignored.

“I also want to, but it will depend on Lord Xius arrangements.” When it came to welcoming Shen Yanxiao back, Vermilion Bird chose to respect Xius decision.

He believed that Xiu would not harm Shen Yanxiao.

“Oh! I cant stand it anymore.

Im going to compare notes with my godson.

If I stay here any longer, Ill go crazy.” The Dragon God snorted several times in frustration.

Not long ago, he recognized Doudou as his godson.

After that, he often abused his godson in the name of comparing notes… Every time Yang Xi saw this, his heart would ache.

“Err… Godfather, can we not compare notes today” Speaking of the devil, Yang Xi came to the foot of the mountain with Doudou.

As soon as he came, he heard the declaration of the Dragon God, which frightened Doudou into hiding behind Yang Xi.

After dispelling the devil energy in his body, Doudous whole body grew rapidly as if he had eaten hormones.

Now, he had grown into the appearance of a teenager, but there was no change in his ignorant and clear eyes.

“Why are you here” Vermilion Bird looked at Yang Xi in surprise.

During this period of time, Yang Xi had been learning from Shen Yu how to fight alongside dragons.

As a Dragon Knight, he had improved greatly.

“I received Nazhis letter.” Yang Xi held a letter in his hand.

It had been half a year since they left the Brilliance Continent.

Their Phantom members had been separated for a long time, and their worries for each other had never been cut off.

Just as they spoke, a tall figure descended from the mountain peak and gracefully landed by their side.

“Lord Xiu.” Yang Xi looked at Xiu respectfully.

“Let me see.” Xiu reached out and took the letter from Yang Xi.

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