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Shen Yanxiao did not doubt his words and walked toward the direction that Xiu had mentioned.

Wan Li and his friend immediately jeered as Shen Yanxiao left silently.

He said, “I knew it.

That poor kid could not afford such an expensive bow, and yet he still wanted to disgrace himself.

Is someone like him even fit to use such a good bow See, when its time to fork out the money, hes leaving with a guilty conscience.

Such a shameless person.” As he spoke, Wan Li smiled and looked up at Meng Yiheng.

“Of course, only a genius like Senior Meng is well-suited for this superior bow.”

Meng Yiheng smiled smugly.

He was Saint Laurent Academys top archer, so course he should use the best bow.

Furthermore, his familys wealth allowed him to choose a weapon with no worry.

“Wrap this bow for me, please.” Meng Yiheng proudly took out a silver-colored crystal card.

Wan Lis eyes immediately widened.

Crystal cards were cards issued by the bank.

Their customers could deposit money at the bank, and they would record the amount on the crystal card.

It was quite similar to a credit card in modern times.

Furthermore, like credit cards, the crystal cards were also divided into different rankings.

A regular crystal card had a translucent white color, and if ones stored gold coins reached the millionth mark, the bank would automatically change the card to a silver-colored one.

Thus, that card was commonly known as the silver crystal card.

The moment Meng Yifeng flashed his silver card, Wan Li and the other young man had only envy written on both of their faces.

Both of them only had the typical white crystal card, but the tens of thousands of gold in their account was already considered a sizable amount.

The shop assistant took Meng Yihengs crystal card, and he seemed impatient to complete the sale.

Wan Li looked at the filthy-rich Meng Yiheng and then shifted his glance to Shen Yanxiao as she walked toward another corner of the shop.

He immediately said, “This is the face of a genuinely rich person.

Unlike someone who doesnt even have the ability to feign more than what he truly is.”

As for Shen Yanxiao, she was not interested in taking notice of another persons ridicule of her.

When she walked toward the direction that Xu directed her, she felt an indescribable urge that had suddenly surfaced in her heart.

It was as if a voice in her mind had urged her to hasten her steps.

Soon enough, Shen Yanxiao arrived at a corner of the room, which looked very different from the other extravagant areas in the shop.

It had a simple and plain rack where a dark purple longbow quietly sat.

That bow did not look as luxurious as the Mercury Wood Bow, nor was it embedded with the lavishness of eighth-ranked magical cores.

There was no luster on the body of the bow, and its dark color looked as if it was dusty.

What was more strange was that there was not a single magical core used within the bow.

One could say that it was only a half-completed weapon.

It would only become a complete weapon after it had magical cores embedded in it.

However, Shen Yanxiao could sense the excitement that brewed within her.

She was so excited that she subconsciously reached out toward the dark purple and took it gently in her hands.

When she held the ice-cold bow with her warm palms, Shen Yanxiao felt as if a huge stone was thrown into a river and caused huge waves.

“Thats your best choice, and what you just felt was called the resonance,” Xius icy voice echoed in her mind.

Shen Yanxiaos eyes brightened.

She was confident that it was the bow she needed, and that the bow belonged to her!

Shen Yanxiao took the bow without any hesitation and walked toward the counter.

She placed the bow on the counter, and excitedly said, “I want this bow!”

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