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A group of teenagers waited for Shen Yanxiao to give them a brutal and unkind test.

They were all ready to deal with any task Shen Yanxiao tossed to them, to prove that they were the best.

But who would have thought...

“You, you, you..." Shen Yanxiao stood at the front, slowly pointed at eighty young undead one by one.

"Those who I pointed at, you can all go back." Shen Yanxiao said this without any expression on her face.

The students who were pointed at were completely dumbfounded!

What was with this situation

They had just arrived at the martial arts arena.

They hadn’t even stood here for ten minutes.

They hadn't even shown any of their talents yet.

How come they were eliminated already

What the heck!

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Mentor Yan Di, you’re not kidding us, are you!

What kind of cruel elimination system are you using You have just banished more than half of the candidates so quickly!

The students, who had been eliminated by Shen Yanxiao without the time to prepare mentally, wanted to die badly.

"Mentor Yan Di...


What have we done wrong” A bold student carefully opened his mouth and asked.

Being eliminated without knowing the reason, they couldn’t accept it, ah!

Even if they were eliminated, you had to give them the reason why, ah!

Shen Yanxiao glanced at the students.

"Get out."

The cold tone of her voice that could form an ice slag instantly froze all doubt in the hearts of those undead teenagers.

"..." No one dared to continue questioning.

They could only leave the martial arts arena with grievances and frustration.

The lucky seventy students left behind were all nervous.

There were still seventeen students that had to be eliminated.

With such a situation wherein they did not even know the rules of elimination, they could only ask the heavens in silence what they should do in order to not be eliminated.

"The rest, run around the martial arts arena for me." Shen Yanxiao soon gave them new orders.

She wanted them to run

A group of students immediately had bright eyes.

Was this not to test their speed or endurance.

Finally, they saw a standard test!

Without any hesitation, the seventy students formed two lines and rushed off to run in the martial arts arena.

The original members of the Flaming Red Squad, looking at the group of students with a happy face, quietly lit a pillar of incense for them in their hearts.

Hadn't these unfortunate guys realized that they had overlooked a very important issue

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That was, Shen Yanxiao didn't say how many laps they had to run.

They didn’t know when to stop, ah!

A group of unsuspecting teenagers ran hard, praying that they would not be eliminated.

At first, some students felt that Shen Yanxiao wanted to test their speed.

As a result, as soon as they started running, they did their best to run fast like the wind.

But after ten laps, these teenagers grew tired like dogs and began to tremble.

They ran behind the group with their whole bodies swaying.

Twenty laps later, most of the undead teenagers were already out of strength, but they remained positive, thinking that after running a few more laps this should end; so, they tried to clench their teeth and persist.

Thirty laps...

Shen Yanxiao still didn't tell them to stop.

Three students had to stop due to the lack of physical strength.

"The three of you may go." Shen Yanxiao decisively said.

The other students who were still running immediately understood that Shen Yanxiao was testing their endurance.

The three students left while the others continued to run.

The martial arts arena was not that big, but running such a huge number of laps was also a terrible amount of exercise.

Besides, Shen Yanxiao had not set clear goals for them.

They just ran blindly without knowing when they could reach the end point.


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