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Faced with someone of a different race, all the teenagers were struck dumb.

Since they were born, they had never seen any race other than undeads.

Their understanding of other races was only from books and their ancestors.

Now that they finally saw a “alive” one, they immediately did not know how to deal with it.

“Are you stupid Have you ever seen such a small dragon”

“As far as I know, elves have green eyes.”

“He has legs, so hes definitely not a merfolk.”

The group of teenagers discussed for a while and finally judged that the little fellow in front of them was very likely a human!

Black hair, amber eyes, and a soft little body.

Wasnt this the appearance of a human child

How could a human child appear in the Howling Abyss

The group of teenagers were puzzled.

They said that the closest thing to a human they had come into contact with was the resurrected undead who were resurrected from human bones.

After becoming undead, those resurrected undead had lost the habit of living like humans.

They just lived according to the rules of the undead.

“He… hes still alive…” One of the teenagers swallowed his saliva.

In their minds, other races were just corpses waiting to be resurrected.

However, the little guy in front of them was still alive and kicking.

How should they deal with him

Zhanye also had a headache.

In the Howling Abyss, if a corpse of another race was found, it would be very easy to find a purebred adult undead to resurrect it.

But this little fellow was still alive.

What should he do

The group of innocent teenagers looked at each other helplessly.

The little guy, who was left on one side, glanced at the tent behind the teenagers unobtrusively.

He washed his nose and suddenly burst into mournful cries.

The group of teenagers was shocked again.

They were all half-grown children and did not have any hostility towards other races.

Moreover, the other party was such a cute little fellow.

As soon as they heard such a cute little fellow crying and complaining about hunger, the teenagers immediately took action.

“Shile! He said hes hungry.

Get him something to eat!” Zhanye immediately turned around and said.

“I still have some freshly roasted meat! Ill go get it now!”

“I have a few more fruits…”

“Do you need water I have water here.”

For a moment, all the teenagers got busy.

They moved all their edible food to the little fellow.

A small mountain of food stood in front of the little guy.

“Well, can humans eat our food” Shile looked at Zhanye uneasily.

Human beings and undead were fundamentally different.

What if they ate something bad

They could not find a doctor who could treat humans.

After all, undeads did not need a doctor.

“It should be… okay.” Zhanye was also uncertain.

Just as they were hesitating about whether to feed the little guy, his eyes sparkled as he stared at the pile of food.

How could he still remember Biao He directly sat on the edge of the hill and used his hands to stuff the food into his mouth.

His tear-stained face had been replaced by an expression that was bubbling with happiness from eating.

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