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With the addition of a human child, the teenagers who were still young began to learn to take care of Taotie, the foodie.

The next morning, when Shen Yanxiao was about to take them deeper into the Forest of Death to train, Zhanye and others prepared food and water for Taotie in advance and instructed him to wait for them in the tent obediently and not to run around.

Taotie looked at the teenagers who were giving him instructions and suddenly felt that this picture looked so familiar.

Wasnt this how Vermilion Bird looked when he instructed Little Phoenix and Mini Dragon

The members of the Flaming Red Squad were gloriously equated with the number one bodyguard in the magical beast world.

Shen Yanxiao set out with the Flaming Red Squad.

This time, she mainly trained their adaptability and agility.

For the time being, she did not intend to let Zhanye and others directly fight undead creatures.

Therefore, during their training, Shen Yanxiao would always disappear inexplicably.

In fact, Shen Yanxiao went around to eliminate all the nearby undead creatures to prevent any undead creatures from breaking into the training ground.

More than two months after she left the Forest of Death, Shen Yanxiao returned again.

The death energy and strength of her body had been greatly improved.

She could even kill intermediate-level undead creatures in seconds.

The training continued day by day.

The training ground was shifted from the open martial arts arena to the complicated terrain of a forest.

The members of the Flaming Red Squad gradually became familiar with the environment here, but what made them curious was that they had been here for five days and had not seen a single undead creature.

Didnt people say that there were a lot of undead creatures in the Forest of Death

They wish they could drag him out and beat him to death!

There were no cruel undead creatures here.

At most, there were just some flowers and plants.

It did not look like a training camp at all.

It looked more like a vacation!

Everyone in the Flaming Red Squad was grateful to Shen Yanxiao.

They knew that their mentor was the best.

She claimed that she was bringing them out for training, but in fact, she was giving them a beautiful place for vacation.

This was much better than the atmosphere in the martial arts arena.

The mentor who was being praised by the students had just tortured to death a low-level undead who had trespassed the training area.

Shen Yanxiao wiped the stains on her hands with a handkerchief and looked at the depths of the dense forest.

A strange smell of death was constantly drifting out from there.

This smell did not come from undead creatures, but from an undead!

“There are actually other undeads here.” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

Few undeads had set foot in the Forest of Death, and the aura of death was very complicated.

Obviously, the aura was not exuded by just one person.

Shen Yanxiao immediately dashed towards the source of the aura.

After passing through layers of dense forest, Shen Yanxiao found the source of the aura in a low shrubbery.

Accompanying this aura was a deafening roar!

A huge high-level undead creature was being attacked by a team of undeads.

The undeads who attacked the undead creature were not old.

At a glance, it was obvious that they were a group of undead teenagers, about the same age as Zhanye and others.

100 students fought the high undead creature in an orderly manner, gradually pulling it into a disadvantageous position.

Even Shen Yanxiao had to give them a thumbs up for their ability to cooperate.

What surprised Shen Yanxiao even more was that she found an extremely familiar figure at the edge of the battle!

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