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Just as Meng Yiheng was prepared to make his payment, Shen Yanxiaos declaration shocked him.

He frowned as he looked at the dirty, dark bow in Shen Yanxiaos hands, and his face immediately showed the contempt that he felt.

The bow in Shen Yanxiaos hands was not only unremarkable, but it was also covered in dust.

It did not seem particularly outstanding.

When it was placed next to the Mercury Wood Bow on the counter, it looked dull and soulless while the other looked bright and luxurious.

The differences between those two bows were like heaven and earth.

Meng Yiheng snorted.

Not only did that bow looked notably ordinary, but it also did not even have a single magical core embedded in it.

It was basically an incomplete weapon.

“Ha! Theres something wrong with this kids brain, to want to buy an incomplete weapon.

I reckon he did not have enough funds and, so he wanted to pick up a cheap item to buy casually.

I bet that shabby piece of trash was probably a practice piece by an apprentice forger.

It probably only costs a few gold coins too.” Wan Li looked at Shen Yanxiao mockingly.

“Thats true.

Not everyone can afford a luxurious bow, and only someone as talented as Senior Meng deserves to use a bow made from the mercury wood.” The other student was quick to flatter his senior too.

Shen Yanxiao glanced at all three of them and clicked her tongue.

She was not in the mood to talk rubbish with those **heads.

The shop assistant was surprised to see the bow the Shen Yanxiao wanted, and he had a strange expression on his face.

He frowned and looked at Shen Yanxiao as he rudely said, “You cant afford this bow.”

Could not afford it

Wan Li and the others laughed as soon as they heard the shop assistants word.

When they looked at the supposedly penniless kid, they thought that he could not even fork out a few gold coins.

“Cut the nonsense, just tell me how much it costs!” Shen Yanxiao was annoyed with those idiots.

She only wanted to buy a bow, but she had somehow become the star of the show.

If she were not in a rush to head back to the academy to practice her skills, she would not mind teaching those four idiots a good lesson on the spot.

What was so amazing about the top student in the Archer Division Did she not eliminate him in the last test

The shop assistant snorted and said, “Three million gold coins.

Do you have them”

Three million gold coins!

The other three customers thought they had a severe auditory hallucination.

Three million gold coins for a bow That broken bow An incomplete bow The price was so outrageous that they thought the shop assistant purposely tried to make things difficult for the kid.

Unfortunately, they had misunderstood the situation.

The shop assistant did not speak without thinking.

The seemingly broken bow really did have that exorbitant price tag.

The dark purple bow had been placed in the shop for about one to two years.

It was treated like a worthless piece of an item until the shop owner personally set the price to three million gold coins.

Everyone could not even believe that the price was that high.

It was an incomplete bow, so was not an exaggerating price for it

No one believed that the bow was so valuable, but the shop owner had personally set the price, and thus, it was placed in the middle of the second floor for a long time.

However, no one inquired about it, and after some time, the shop owner had completely forgotten about it.

So, the shop assistant took that opportunity to move that half-completed bow with a price tag that did not match its appearance to the one secluded corner of the room.

The shop assistant never expected that a kid would take an interest in that troublesome half-completed item and even said that he wanted to buy it.

The little kid should stop with his jokes.

He probably could not even afford a few gold coins, and yet he thought to purchase that costly bow It had to have been a joke.

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