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Chapter 1992: Enemies on a Narrow Road (5)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

The high-level undead creature felt that its self-esteem had been severely hit.

“Roar!” The huge beast released an intimidating roar.

Taotie tilted his head and looked at the huge beast in front of him.

The ignorance in his eyes gradually transformed into excitement.

Suddenly being stared at by a little fellow with such enthusiasm in his eyes, the high-level undead creature expressed a little pressure.

Even though the other party was not that calm…

But what was with those eager eyes

“Hey, food…” Taotie stood up and drooled.

“…” The high undead creature suddenly felt a chilly wind blowing behind him…

The little guy in front of it suddenly stood up and strode towards it with his short legs.

Was this guy courting death

The members of the Flaming Red Squad practically ran back to the camp.

From a distance, they saw that the high-level undead creature had stopped at their camp, and all of them were anxious.

But when they approached the camp, they found that the undead creature that had been baring its fangs and brandishing its claws had suddenly disappeared.

When they finally returned to the camp, all the teenagers were stunned.

Other than the edge of the neat camp which was flattened by the high-level undead creature, there was no other damage done to the camp.

A small figure stood alone in the empty camp with his two pink cheeks bulging.

His pair of big black eyes looked at the group of teenagers who suddenly returned with a trace of surprise.

“Little guy” Zhanye hesitated for a moment before calling out tentatively.

He looked up and down at Taotie and found no injuries on him.

What was going on Where did the high-level undead creature go

Where was the danger

The sudden disappearance of the huge beast confused all the teenagers.

They looked around and still found no suspicious traces.

In the camp, Zhanye frowned and looked at the bulging-cheeked Taotie with a face full of questions.

Taotie blinked his eyes and swallowed an unknown object with great difficulty.

His expression was very innocent.

“Little guy, did you see… a big monster running over here” Zhanye asked tentatively.

Taotie immediately shook his head like a rattle drum.

The little tongue hidden in his mouth nimbly picked out a bone stuck between his teeth and swallowed it.

“You didnt see it” Zhanye was surprised.

How adorkable was this little fellow Such a huge undead creature had run to the edge of their camp, but he did not see it

Taotie nodded nimbly.

Zhanye was a little confused.

That was a high-level undead creature, not an ant.

How could it suddenly disappear without a trace

“Did you find anything” Zhanye asked his other companions.

All the teenagers shook their heads helplessly in reply.

Not to mention undead creatures, they did not even see a single strand of hair or fur.

The members of the Flaming Red Squad deeply felt that they had been teased by that arrogant undead creature.

They thought it was going to attack them, but it suddenly changed its direction halfway.

They then thought it was going to trample on their camp, but as soon as it reached the edge, it disappeared…

Holy smokes!

Could you not tease their nerves like this!

If you want to fight, then come!

Youre so arrogant.

Have you ever considered our feelings

A group of teenagers thoroughly despised that despicable undead creature.

Taotie secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

He quietly raised his hand and rubbed his belly, his eyes flashing with satisfaction.

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