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Chapter 1993: Enemies on a Narrow Road (6)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

That was close.

If they had bumped into the scene of him eating, wouldnt his identity be exposed If his master were to know, he would be despised!

While complaining about the sudden return of Zhanye and others, Taotie almost had indigestion.

At the same time, he rejoiced that he was fast enough to not give himself away.

The Flaming Red Squad searched for a long time but found nothing, so they could only give up.

They had been mentally prepared for the arrogant high-level undead creature to suddenly pop out again.

However, with the undead creature nowhere in sight, they might as well clean up the tents that had been trampled on the edge.

They did what they said.

The teenagers of the Flaming Red Squad played their hands to the extreme.

One by one, they began to pack their things.

At this moment, another group of undeads had arrived.

“Where are you from”

An undead teenager running at the front frowned at the members of the Flaming Red Squad.

His companions also slowly arrived one after another.

The members of the Flaming Red Squad looked at the other party with scrutiny.

At a glance, they saw the school badge hanging on the other partys chest, and their expressions slightly changed…

“Whats going on” The commotion also attracted the attention of Zhanye and Shile, who immediately rushed over.

“Zhanye, they are students of the Royal Academy.” Shile narrowed his eyes at the dark golden badges on the chests of those black-robed students and frowned slightly.

The Royal Academy was the number one school of the Undead race in the Howling Abyss.

In the entire academy, from top to bottom, all of them were purebred undead with prominent backgrounds and extremely high talents.

Deathfire Academy had a good reputation in the Howling Abyss, but it was not as famous as the Royal Academy.

Although the number of students in the Royal Academy could not be compared to other academies, the individual quality of their students was the highest.

It was said that Sal and Kehr, the commanders of the two great undead armies in the Howling Abyss, had graduated from the Royal Academy.

Even the prince of the Undead race, Mingye, was also currently studying in this academy.

It could be said that the Royal Academy had gathered the best teachers in the Howling Abyss and students with the strongest background under one roof.

They had become a behemoth in the academic field that no academy could compare to.

It was also because of the Royal Academys reputation that their strength firmly suppressed the other academies.

As a result, both teachers and students held a superior attitude towards others.

Zhanye did not expect to meet the students of the Royal Academy here.

Looking at the increasing number of people coming here, his frown deepened.

The leader of the Royal Academy team looked at the members of the Flaming Red Squad in front of them and casually glanced at the badges on their chests.

The contempt on his face was undisguised.

They had chased the high-level undead creature all the way here, but they did not expect to suddenly lose sight of it.

“Have you seen a high-level undead creature around here” The teenager slightly raised his chin and displayed an arrogant posture, not paying any attention to the members of the Flaming Red Squad at all.

“Yes.” Zhanye hesitated for a moment before taking a step forward.

They were here to train.

And since Mentor Yan Di was not here, it was not suitable for them to have a conflict with students from other academies.

“Where did it go” The other party looked up and down at Zhanye and asked.

“I dont know,” Zhanye answered truthfully.

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