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She was born to the Vermilion Bird Family, and yet she could not train in either battle aura or magic.

Her strength was not only pitifully weak, but she was not very bright too.

She was already thirteen-years-old, but her IQ was like a four-year-old child, and that was why she was called the Vermilion Bird Familys disgrace, the good-for-nothing seventh miss.

The two that stood before her were also the Vermilion Bird Familys disciples, but they were completely different from that so-calledtrash. They were a pair of twins, and both of them excelled in battle aura and magic respectively.

They were also regarded as the up-and-coming future stars of the Vermilion Bird Family.

Other than the daily practices to advance their battle aura and magic skills, their greatest hobby was to bully thattrash.

The reason Shen Yanxiao was bedridden and had a body riddled with scars was all thanks to that pair of twin brother and sister.

They took advantage of Shen Yanxiaos lack of intelligence and incited her to infiltrate into the dungeon that was used to imprison magical beasts.

As a result, she was injured by those magical beasts and would have probably lost her life too if not for the dungeon guards who noticed that something was amiss.

After she had absorbed all the memories that belonged to another person, Shen Yanxiao finally had the time to deal with the two bastard twins.

It was evident that they were worried that their grandfather, the Vermilion Bird Familys Head, would investigate the dungeon incident.

So they decided to threaten her so that she would not expose them.

They were completely oblivious to the fact that her usually silly stare was replaced by a sharp gaze.

“You had better be obedient and not make us unhappy.

Otherwise, Im sure you know what will happen.” Shen Jiayi curled her lips.

As she looked at that nominal idiotic little sister of hers, she thought about how she would not even bother to speak to that little idiot if she was not worried about how the dungeon incident would implicate her.

Shen Yanxiao quirked her brows, and immediately retracted her sharp gaze to replace it with a somewhat slow-witted appearance.

She blinked her eyes as she looked at Shen Jiayi and nodded shyly.

“Sis, Ive already said that this idiot doesnt know anything and even if she exposes us, grandfather would never believe an idiot.

Why are you wasting your breath with all this nonsense” The younger brother, Shen Jiawei, snorted impatiently.

Shen Jiayi did not answer her younger brother.

She observed Shen Yanxiao and the scars on her body.

When she was satisfied that the younger girl would obey her, she relaxed a little and led her brother out of the room.

As for Shen Yanxiaos injuries, what did that have to do with them Even if she had died in the dungeon, it was only one less trash to care for in the family.

The twins would not even speak to her if they were not afraid that their grandfather would find out about their involvement in the incident.

After the twins left the room, the timid Shen Yanxiao suddenly had a change in her personality and jumped down the bed.

“Siii.” The movement pulled the wound on her waist, and she clenched her teeth in pain.

She then checked the injuries on her newly possessed body and inwardly sneered.

Since the heavens gave her another chance at living, she decided to utilize her new identity to continue living.

However, from the looks of things, Shen Yanxiao knew that many troubles followed the previous owner of her body.

If she wanted to get on with her life, she could not continue with Shen Yanxiaos former lifestyle.

Trash Idiot

She had never associated herself with those two words.

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