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Chapter 2002: The Biggest Lie in History (2)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Nock frowned and said nothing.

In his opinion, what Shen Yanxiao said made sense.

He had been wondering how a group of undead teenagers could find a human being.

It had to be known that since the war between gods and devils, the Howling Abyss had been completely isolated from the outside world.

Other than undeads and undead creatures, there was nothing else.

Even the merpeople would avoid this place because the sea near the Howling Abyss was covered by death energy, making it inhabitable.

How could a human child inexplicably appear in the Howling Abyss

Looking at the childs age, he looked to be around five to six years old.

It was impossible for him to come to the Howling Abyss alone from the Brilliance Continent where humans lived.

His appearance here was indeed strange.

Seeing that Nock had been brought into her rhythm, Shen Yanxiao secretly laughed in her heart, but on the surface, she said sincerely, “In fact, this child was discovered by Mentor Kehr.

This time, my students are fortunate enough to represent Deathfire Academy in the selection competition, so I am bringing them out here to train.

This child was also given to me by Mentor Kehr before he left, wanting the students to use him for some training.

Then after the training is over, I will bring him back to Deathfire Academy and hand him over to Mentor Kehr for him to kill.”

Nock had been fooled by Shen Yanxiao so much that the world was spinning around him.

In his heart, he had already accepted this explanation.

After all, Kehrs identity and status were different from that of an ordinary undead.

It was not impossible for him to find human beings.

As the commander-in-chief of the Howling Abyss, he controlled every part of the army here.

If human ships were found in the coastal areas, it was not impossible for a human to be found.

This child was probably one of the human beings Kehr had found.

“In addition to this child, are there other human beings in Kehrs place” Nock had completely believed Shen Yanxiaos words.

He did not think that Shen Yanxiao and this group of undead teenagers could find human beings.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and said, “Im not sure about that.

Mentor Kehr is very cautious about this after all, and I have no right to ask too much.”

Nock also thought her words made sense.

Seeing that Shen Yanxiao was about to convince Nock, how could Luoqiu let things go on like this

“Yan Di, dont talk nonsense here! How long has it been since I left Deathfire Academy I never knew that Mentor Kehr had humans in his hands.

Dont lie to us!”

Shen Yanxiao sighed and looked sadly at Luoqiu.

“Mentor Luoqiu, what is your relationship with Mentor Kehr Is there anything he needs to tell you You should know that I entered Deathfire Academy with the personal recommendation of Mentor Kehr.

Think about it, Mentor Kehr is very clear about my strength, but he allowed me to hide my strength and stay in Deathfire Academy.

This is obviously something you can not ask about.”

Shen Yanxiao had anwho do you think you are, get lost expression on her face, which made Luoqiu want to die.

Nock asked, “Luoqiu, is what she said true”

Luoqiu clenched his fist.

He wanted to deny it, but all the students and mentors in the whole school knew that Kehr recommended Shen Yanxiao to enter Deathfire Academy.

As long as Nock asked a few more questions, he could easily find the truth.

Although he hated Shen Yanxiao to the bones and couldnt wait for Shen Yanxiao and Nock to fall out, he did not have the courage to lie to Nock.

“What she said… is true.” Luoqiu squeezed these words out of his teeth.

Nock understood.

Although Kehr was a mentor of Deathfire Academy, his identity was very similar to his own.

In fact, they both had their own real identities.

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