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Chapter 2003: The Biggest Lie in History (3)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Nock was a royal teacher, and Kehr was the commander-in-chief.

Outside their identities as honorary mentors, they had other unknown things to do, which Nock knew very well.

Even though Luoqiu had a high status in Deathfire Academy, he was not qualified to ask about Kehrs matter.

But this undead girl named Yan Di definitely had an interesting origin.

To be able to get Kehr to personally recommend her to join Deathfire Academy, and also give her a place in the selection competition of Deathfire Academy, the relationship between Shen Yanxiao and Kehr could be imagined.

Nock carefully observed Shen Yanxiao and found that although she looked no different from ordinary purebred undead, her posture was clearly the standard posture of the soldiers in the undead army! Although she had deliberately restrained herself, Nock still found some signs.

Nock had already imagined a lot about Shen Yanxiaos background, such as Kehrs trusted subordinates, or maybe soldiers secretly trained by the army

Nock had already categorized Shen Yanxiao as Kehrs subordinate.

As such, Shen Yanxiaos words were quite believable.

In fact, Nock was really thinking too much!

Kehr had nothing to do with Shen Yanxiao.

At most, it was the scout and the talent.

As for having the standard posture of a soldier in the undead army or whatnot…

Shen Yanxiao had only seen Sals men in the Hidden Dragon Continent, but this was enough for her to show the little details of an undead soldier, which misled Nock into the road of no return.

Luoqiu tried to say something else, but Nock no longer intended to let him speak.

“Forget it.

Since its Kehrs wishes, I wont interfere much.

I believe in Kehrs ability to do things.” Nock and Kehr belonged to two different systems and never interfered with each other.

Nock just wanted to kill the human child, and it didnt matter to him who killed the human child.

He believed that Kehr, like him, would make such a choice.

Kehr must have had his own plans for letting this human child live until now.

Thus, Nock decided not to intervene.

Seeing that Shen Yanxiao had successfully persuaded Nock, Luoqius heart fell to the bottom of the cliff.

“Thank you for your understanding, Master Nock,” Shen Yanxiao smilingly said.

“Well, you can continue to train.

Since its a team selected by Kehr, I dont think it will be too bad.

Im looking forward to the meeting of your team and the Royal Academy team in the selection competition.” With that said, Nock turned around and left.

Luoqiu had to follow him.

But before leaving, he gave Shen Yanxiao a fierce glare.

Fengling and the other Royal Academy teenagers also looked at Zhanye and others before leaving.

After leaving the camp of the Flaming Red Squad, the expression on Nocks face suddenly changed.


“Yes.” Luoqiu answered.

“Do you hate Yan Di very much”


“Dont worry, I will fulfill your wish.

Its just not the right time yet.”

“Master Nock!” Luoqius heart jumped.

“Sal has returned, and the undead army can only have one commander.

Kehr… its time for him to give up his position.” Nocks eyes narrowed slightly.

Kehrs men, right Very well, in the selection competition, he would make this girl named Yan Di the first step of Kehrs abdication.

“General Sal is the best soldier in the Howling Abyss!” Luoqius eyes brightened.

How could he forget that Sal and Kehr were arch-enemies, and General Sals mentor was Master Nock!

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