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Shen Yanxiao chuckled and said, “Sure.”

The shop assistant hastily wiped his sweat and said, “Dear customer, theres something that I should inform you first.

It is not that we are unwilling to sell you this bow, but Great Master Duan had personally crafted it.

Before he handed this bow to our boss, he said that anyone who wanted to purchase this bow should meet with him first.

Why dont I get someone to sort out these gold coins while we go and meet with Great Master Duan” The shop assistant wanted to weep but failed to shed a tear.

Never in his wildest dreams would he expect such a foolish spendthrift to fork out so much gold coins to purchase an incomplete weapon.

“This bow was forged by Great Master Duan” Wan Li gasped as he stood at the side.

Just moments ago, he remarked about the unworthiness of the bow.

Who would expect that Great Master Duan forged the plain-looking, incomplete bow

Great Master Duan produced exceptional weapons, but no one knew the level of that dull-looking bow.

Meng Yiheng had no choice but to reevaluate the incomplete bow.

Shen Yanxiao furrowed her eyebrows.

Why was it so troublesome to buy a bow

“Very well.” Shen Yanxiao nodded in agreement as she was reluctant to part with a weapon that resonated with her.

“Great, please follow me.” The shop assistant gestured for her to follow him.

At the same time, he called for his colleagues from the first floor to pick up the gold coins on the floor.

Meng Yiheng and the two young mens eyes followed Shen Yanxiao as she left Lianjin Weapon Shop with the shop assistant in tow.

The expressions on their faces were worse than someone who had accidentally eaten a fly.

Who would expect that Great Master Duan was the one who forged the broken bow It did not matter what the weapon was, as long as it was labeled with his name, it was practically impossible to gauge its price.

Everyone in the Black City knew that even though Great Master Duan was famous, he was also well-known for his odd behavior.

Many people were willing to pay a tremendous amount of money to meet with him.

However, they were all rejected at the door.

However, it seemed like Great Master Duan would personally meet with anyone interested in that incomplete bow.

It was a logic that one would find it hard to swallow.

Meng Yiheng looked at the Mercury Wood Bow in his hands, and his initially joyous expression immediately soured.

He thought he had obtained the best bow that cost him over a million gold coins, but its cost was not even half of that incomplete bow.

He also did not have the privilege to meet with Great Master Duan.

However, even if he were to see that bow first, he would not have had the means to pay its asking price of three million gold coins.

He could only afford a little more than a million gold coins, and that was his limit.

Three million…

What kind of background did that kid come from How could he squander that kind of money without even a hint of hesitation!

Meng Yiheng did not know that his competition was not just a single person, but the entire Longxuan Empires state treasury!

Shen Yanxiao followed the shop assistants footsteps, and they left the shop together.

As they walked, they passed by unusually lively streets, and they headed toward the peak of the residential district.

Then they came to a simple and unadorned two-story building that ran along the walls of the Black City.

The building was different than the weapon shops that were meticulously decorated.

It was black, and even with bright lights that illuminated it, one would overlook its existence quite easily.

The shop assistant stood in front of the door and said to Shen Yanxia, “Dear customer, please kindly wait here while I knock on the door.”

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

She had wanted to meet with the famous Great Master Duan too.

She wanted to ask him about the best type of magical core for the bow.

The shop assistant walked to the door and knocked on the dusty wooden door.

“Excuse me, is Great Master Duan here Im a shop assistant at the Lianjin Weapon Shop.

Someone is interested in buying the black bow that he had left in our shops care.

Does he have the time to meet with him”

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