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Chapter 2014: Selection Competition (5)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Shen Yanxiao had unknowingly led a group of pure and simple teenagers onto a dark and crafty road of no return…

“Calm down, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.” Zhanye comforted him.

Shile looked at Zhanye strangely and asked, “Have you noticed”


“Your tone of voice is getting more and more like that of Boss.”




“But what”

“Boss is more shameless than you think.” Shile could not help but imagine that if it were Shen Yanxiao, she would probably say, “Whats there to fight with a group of disabled people”

Being brainless was also considered disabled.

Zhanyes mouth twitched slightly.

Just as Zhanye and Shile lamented their increasingly dark selves, a noise came from outside the inn.

On the spacious road, eight skeleton horses in dark golden armor opened the way.

On each skeleton horse sat an undead soldier wearing dark golden light armor and holding a black iron sword.

Behind the skeleton horses, eighteen strong intermediate-level undeads slowly came with a luxurious sedan chair.

Two groups of undead soldiers walked on both sides, surrounding the sedan chair layer by layer.

The undeads on the street consciously retreated to the side in an instant, making way for the procession to pass.

At the front of the sedan chair, the black skull flag fluttered in the wind, and the dark golden edge made all the undeads feel awe.

The mighty procession arrived at the inn where the Royal Academy team was staying.

Eight undead guards nimbly dismounted from their horses and uniformly came to the front of the sedan chair.

At the entrance of the inn, the students of the Royal Academy had already stood in two rows, one on each side of the entrance.

In the middle, Nock, dressed in luxurious clothes, stood there with a calm temperament.

A figure suddenly walked out from the sedan chair and a handsome young man in dark golden brocade robes appeared, attracting cries of surprise.

The teenager raised his head, and the undead around him knelt on the ground at this moment.

They shouted in unison, “Your Highness Mingye!”

There was no superfluous expression on Mingyes handsome face.

He was even stingy to give these people a glance from the corner of his eyes.

Under the protection of the undead guards, he walked towards Nock.

“Your Highness.” Nock bowed slightly.

“Mentor Nock, there is no need to bow to me,” Mingye lightly said.

“Your Highness, please come in,” Nock said.

Mingye nodded.

As Nock entered the inn, the undeads kneeling on one side stood up.

They looked at the backs of the students of the Royal Academy team with envy.

Being so close to His Highness, their future would certainly be good.

While everyone was envious, on the second floor of the inn, Shen Yanxiao, who had just calmed down from the upcoming reunion, slowly pushed open the door, only to be met by Nock and Mingye.

Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

Ever since she came to the Howling Abyss, she had not had any contact with this “spring roll prince”.

She did not expect to meet him here today.

Mingye, who was originally talking to Nock, seemed to sense a gaze.

He raised his eyes slightly and looked at the petite figure standing not far away.

A touch of familiarity suddenly poured into Mingyes soul.

A small crack appeared on his indifferent face, and an eagerness that even he himself did not notice emerged in his gray eyes.

Nock found that Mingye suddenly stopped and looked up.

He found that Mingye was staring at the undead girl named Yan Di in a daze.

“Your Highness” Nock called in a low voice.

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