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Chapter 2017: Selection Competition (8)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Even so, a large number of undeads who were transported back to the Howling Abyss soon died.

Mingye, who was in the center of the explosion at that time, was the most affected.

The divine power had already invaded his body.

If it were not for his father, the Undead Lord, personally suppressing it, Mingye would not have lived until now.

“Father… has already told me.

I will be careful,” Mingye said.

“The reason I came here is because my father asked me to consult Mentor Nock about the effects of a half-completed resurrection.” Mingye frowned slightly.

What happened in the Dragon Cemetery was a nightmare for him.

Perhaps it was because of the explosion, but he was still a little confused about what happened that day.

“How far did His Highness resurrection attempt in the Dragon Cemetery go” Nock asked.

“The last step.” Mingye vaguely remembered that at the end of the resurrection, he had seen the bones of dragons pouring out from the ground.

If the process had just lasted a few seconds longer, those dragon corpses would have been completely resurrected.


“Well, I believe Your Highness resurrection should have been successful.” Nock said with a smile.

But Mingye was not at ease.

“But I dont sense the aura of those bone dragons.”

After a purebred undead resurrected the dead, they would have a certain spiritual connection with the resurrected undead so that they could control them, but Mingye did not feel the spirit of those bone dragons at all.

“Well…” Nock was also a little confused.

It was reasonable to say that after the resurrection process had reached the last step, those bone dragons had been completely resurrected, but why did Mingye not feel anything

“Could it be that the explosion destroyed them again” Mingye hesitated for a long time before he revealed his speculation.

The explosion affected all the undeads in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Although there were many bone dragons in the Dragon Cemetery, it was hard to resist such a powerful explosion.

What was more, divine power was the nemesis of undead creatures.

It was that power that forced the Undead Lord to use the Death Transfer technique to teleport Mingye and the others back to the Howling Abyss in an instant.

One could imagine how powerful the destructive force of the power was.

“Maybe.” Nock could only be settled with the guess.

If those bone dragons were still alive, it was impossible for Mingye not to sense them.

Only when they were dead would Mingye feel nothing.

Mingyes mood was somewhat depressed.

This task was given to him by his father, but he had screwed it up, which made him blame himself.

Seeing that Mingyes expression was very bad, Nock said:

“My Lord intends to send troops to the Hidden Dragon Continent again to take a look.

Once that is done, it will finally be clear.

Your Highness, you dont have to worry too much.”

The undeads had spent too much time in the Hidden Dragon Continent to give up just like that.

The Undead Lord was ready to send out another contingent of undead soldiers to the Hidden Dragon Continent to settle a few things out.

First, they had to contact Long Yan again to continue their cooperation.

Second, the bone dragons in the Dragon Cemetery were extremely tempting to the undeads.

The Undead Lord would not give up until he saw them with his own eyes.

Mingye nodded his head.

“The soldiers selected by Father have boarded the ship to the Hidden Dragon Continent.

I believe there will be news soon.”

Mingye and Nock did not know that the skeleton ship carrying the soldiers they were just talking about had already collided with some great masters who went to the Howling Abyss to find people.

Now, the whole ship of undeads had already sunk to the bottom of the sea and were feeding the fish…

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