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Chapter 2030: Taking Risks and Gambling (2)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Shen Yanxiao looked at the worried Vermilion Bird and said in a warm voice, “The undeads always had no choice but to attach themselves to the Devil race.

If we can change the thoughts of the Undead race, there is still room for change.”

This was a risk and a gamble.

Shen Yanxiao gambled with her own safety on whether the minds of the Undead race would change.

If the God race still existed, Shen Yanxiao might not have decided on such a risky task, but the current situation was not optimistic.

The God race had fallen, leaving only three gods in the world.


And the current state of the three gods was not optimistic.

The Dragon God had yet to obtain a real god body, Shen Siyu had been reduced to a demigod due to the loss of his godhood, and Xiu had always been in a soul state.

It could be said that in the future battle against the Devil race, the gods they could rely on were too weak.

After the last war between gods and devils, the top forces of the various races had been exhausted.

Even after nearly ten thousand years of recuperation, the various races still could not recover to their peak state.

The absence of gods and the scarcity of their peak strength would plunge them into a bitter battle.

Their current strength could not be compared to the alliance army in the last war between gods and devils.

The fighting strength they had in their hands was pitifully weak.

If they were to deal with the devil army and the undead army in this situation, the result could be imagined.

Even if they did not suffer a crushing defeat, they would have to pay the price of being wiped out if they wanted to win.

Furthermore, Shen Yanxiao deduced that the probability of them winning with their current strength was so low that it was unacceptable.

Faced with such a predicament, Shen Yanxiao had no choice but to take this step.

As long as there was the slightest chance to rope in the Undead race, she would not give up.

If she succeeded, not only could she reduce the strength of the enemy, but she could also add a powerful army to her alliance.

It had to be known that the essence of undeads and devils was similar.

On the battlefield, the damage caused by devils to undeads was far less than the damage done to other races.

The Undead race was definitely a great weapon against the Devil Race.

“Youre crazy! Why would the Undead race betray the Devil race They rely so much on the Devil race, how could they choose to give up!” Vermillion Bird felt that Shen Yanxiaos idea was too crazy.

Now that Satans traces had been found, she still insisted on staying in the Howling Abyss to persuade the undeads.

This was simply putting herself in danger.

There was the possibility of being discovered in minutes.

Once she was discovered, Shen Yanxiao could only die.

“I have no choice.” Shen Yanxiao forced a smile.

She never thought that she would stand in such a position one day, shouldering the survival of mankind, contacting the major races as the representative of mankind, and rebuilding the alliance.

But now that she had such a responsibility, she must shoulder it.

If she were to retreat, the hope of mankind would be extinguished.

“Do what you want.” Xiu suddenly opened his mouth.

His calm voice revealed his support for Shen Yanxiao.

The Dragon God looked at Shen Yanxiao in silence and did not object to her idea.

As gods, both of them had experienced the last battle between gods and devils, so they knew better than anyone else how tragic that battle was.

They knew that Shen Yanxiaos choice was not wrong.

It could be said that she made the right choice at the most critical time.

However, none of them knew if this path would work.

“Lord Xiu!” Vermilion Bird looked at Xiu anxiously.

Xiu lowered his eyes.

“If I am discovered, I will send Xiaoxiao away from the Howling Abyss.”

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